Daniel Anthony "Danny" Torrance is the son of Jack and Wendy Torrance, the older half-brother of Lucy Stone and the uncle of Abra Stone. He is the cousin of Jackie Torrance. He has the "shining", which allows him to detect spirits, thus making him a prime target of the Overlook Hotel. His ability also allows him to see past, present, and future events through his 'guide', Tony. Tony is, at first, a mere imaginary playmate. Tony then evolves into a source of fear, and finally a source of strength.

The Shining

In the book, Danny appears to be a lonely, curious yet nervous boy who loves both his parents but has a particular love towards his father. Danny has terrifying visions of The Overlook Hotel which worry and disturb him. He arrives with Wendy and Jack at The Overlook Hotel on Closing Day, where he finds the hotel is extremely busy with guests checking out and staff assisting guests leave as well as leaving themselves. Danny meets the chef Dick Hallorann, who gives Danny and his parents a tour of the kitchen. Dick telepathically talks to Danny, revealing he has the shining as well. Before leaving, Dick warns Danny to not enter Room 217 and to call him if he needs him. When Stuart Ullman gives Danny and his parents a tour of the hotel and upon entering The Presidential Suite sees brain matter and blood on the walls. Danny and his parents watch Bill Watson and Ullman leave and they are alone. A month passes and Danny has no frightening visions until one night where he goes into a trance. Danny starts exploring the empty hotel, going down the hotel’s empty corridors. Out of curiosity, Danny finally enters Room 217 and is strangled by Lorraine Massey. A frightened Wendy accuses Jack of abusing Danny once again, but Jack hotly denies the allegations. Danny soon tells his parents about Lorraine and his shining. After more terrifying events, Danny realises that Jack is going to severely hurt Wendy and himself and calls Dick for help. Danny witnesses Jack physically abuse Wendy and helps Wendy lock Jack in the pantry. Toward the end of the novel, Tony reveals himself to Danny: "'Danny ... you're in a place deep down in your own mind. The place where I am. I'm a part of you, Danny.'" More specifically, Tony is Danny from the future: "Tony was like looking into a magic mirror and seeing himself in ten years"; "Tony ... the Daniel Anthony Torrance that would someday be." Danny soon realises the hotel boiler wasn’t dumped and is going to blow. Danny, Wendy and Dick escape The Overlook just in time as the boiler explodes, destroying The Overlook completely and killing Jack. In Autumn, Dick has booked Danny and Wendy a lakeside cabin until they can find a place. Danny has severe PTSD and misses his father but finds a father figure in Dick.

Doctor Sleep

Later as a adult, Danny (now Dan) works as an orderly at a hospice, who uses his abilities to help dying people find peace after they died, learns that his father had an affair with his teaching assistant, Sandy Reynolds and as a result has a half-sister named Lucy and a niece named Abra, who shares his abilities, but on a much more powerful level.



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