Dale Lacy is a pillar of the Castle Rock, Maine community. He is the warden of Shawshank State Penitentiary, and married to Martha. For years, Lacy kept a mysterious prisoner locked up in a cage below the disused Block F, convinced that he was responsible for all that was wrong in Castle Rock. On his last day of work after Shawshank was sold to a private company, Dale committed suicide by decapitating himself. Shortly before his death, he told the prisoner to ask for Henry Deaver when he was found.


In 1961, Dale Lacy was a football player for the local high school team, the Castle Rock Cougars. During a game, he took a hard hit that could have been serious but he luckily did not suffer any injuries. However, the same night, his younger brother – who was the team's mascot – jumped off the roof of the high school and killed himself.[1]

A younger Dale Lacy

Lacy became the warden of Shawshank State Prison. In 1987, a fire swept through Block F, killing a large number of inmates. Lacy never reopened the wing after the fire.[2] Over time, Lacy came to see the extent of the pain and suffering that plagued Castle Rock and kept asking God for an answer. Finally, in 1991, God answered. Lacy came to believe that a boy was the cause of all Castle Rock's troubles – with God's guidance, he found the boy and was told how to build a cage to hold him in a water cistern beneath Block F.[1]

On the drive home, Lacy was pulled over by Sheriff Alan Pangborn. Hearing noises from the trunk, Alan opened it to find the Kid inside. Lacy convinced Alan that what he was doing would be of benefit of Castle Rock, so the Sheriff let him on his way.[3] Over the years, Lacy painted many pictures of the Kid and kept them in his basement.[4]

On his last visit to the prisoner, Lacy told him that when they found him, he was to ask for "Henry Deaver."[2] Sometime prior, he wrote a letter to Alan that expressed his relief that Castle Rock would still have a defender when he was gone.[1]

On the day of the handover and on the cusp of retirement, Dale made breakfast in bed for Martha and then left home. Instead of going to the prison, he drove out to Castle Lake. Tying a length of rope around a tree, Dale put the other end, fashioned into a noose, around his neck then drove off the bluff. The car ended up in the lake, and the noose decapitated Dale. His head went missing, and tributes were left at the site of his suicide.[2]

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