This article pertains to the character as he appears on television. You may be looking for his literary counterpart.

Dale "Barbie" Barbara is a former soldier in the United States military who served as a Captain in the Iraq War, and later worked as a short-order cook at Sweetbriar Rose in Chester's Mill, Maine. He now works as an enforcer for a bookie in West Lake. He is skilled in hand to hand combat and is a Green Beret, having trained with U.S. Special Forces.

During his time in the military, Barbara served with the 13th Speccom, also known as "the Lucky Thirteenth" and "the Jackrabbits." 

He is the protagonist of Under the Dome.

Season 1

He comes to Chester's Mill and gets stuck Under The Dome. He kills Mr. Shumway and eventually falls for Julia Shumway.  He teams up with the law enforcement agency to help keep some sense of order in the isolated town.  However, he becomes a target of a manhunt by town selectman (de facto town dictator) Jim Rennie for murders and attempted murders.  He is later found and as of the season one finale is about to publicly executed as a display of Big Jim Rennie's power.


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