Crow Daddy is an antagonist in Doctor Sleep and second-in-command of the True Knot. He is also a regular lover of Rose the Hat. His rube name is Henry Rothman, and he is brave, resourceful, and cunning. He was originally a lawyer who graduated from Harvard in 1938. He doesn't shine like some other higher-ups to the True Knot, but cares deeply for the members and follows Rose's orders carefully. While an excellent lieutenant, Rose does not consider him fit for the role of a long term leader, stating he has only rudimentary planning skills and no vision. He drives an Affinity Country Coach. He is also one who does not age, never seeming younger or older (unless the time between meals is very long). He is first seen informing Rose of Tommy's death, and tells her they have to consume steam immediately. He and Andi ensure no one will see them do so. He later keeps the True Knot secure while the trackers find Bradley Trevor. After consuming his steam, Crow Daddy tells Rose about having seen someone with a lot of steam (Abra) and Rose agrees to go after her later. He later is informed of how powerful Abra actually is by Rose, and that she needs to be taken immediately. He helps her try to locate Abra, and is present for every attempt to track her. He is among those present when Grampa Flick dies. Afterward, Rose, instead of going to get Abra herself, sends him, along with a party of his choosing. He chooses Walnut, Jimmy Numbers, Barry the Chink and Snakebite Andi. The crew heads to Cloud Gap, picking up a package on the way, but by the time they get there, Barry has already contracted the virus and died, and Jimmy Numbers has contracted it as well. Crow Daddy has left the group before the others confront Dan, John and David at Cloud Gap, and are all killed. He is shown to have gotten off in Anniston, and manages to track down Billy Freeman and Abra there, and captures Abra. He then informs Rose that he is coming back, and asks her to send reinforcements and information on less travelled roads he can take. When Abra wakes up and recognizes him, he threatens to kill Billy if she doesn't do what he says, which she understands. However, she manages to contact Dan through the shining during a bathroom break. Dan, through Abra, takes enough hold of Crow Daddy's mind to force him to turn his gun on himself. While he struggles to get control, Billy wakes up and incapacitates him. Dan then gets full control, and forces Crow Daddy to shoot and kill himself. He intends his last thought to be to tell Rose he loves her, but it is cut off. Rose senses his death, and has a breakdown.

In the film adaption, Crow Daddy does shine, and takes on much of Barry the Chink's role in being a tracker. He is killed when Dan-in-Abra crashes the car, as he, thinking he is imortal, doesn't wear a seatbelt and is thrown through the windshield. He killed Abras Father, Dave Stone in abducting her as well.

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