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Creepshow III
is a 2007 anthology film directed by James Glenn Dudelson and Ana Clavell from a screenplay they wrote along with Scott Frazelle, Alex Ugelow, and Pablo C. Pappano. The first segment is based on the Arthur Conan Doyle short story "Lot No. 249"; the second segment is based on the Stephen King short story "The Cat From Hell"; the third segment is based on the tale of "The Woman in the Snow."

The film is an unofficial sequel to Creepshow 2. There was no involvement from Stephen King, George A. Romero, or anyone else involved in the production of the first two films. It was released direct-to-video in 2007 (though it was finished in 2006) to mostly negative reviews. This film, in a fashion similar to the original Creepshow, features five short, darkly comedic horror stories.



Unlike the first two Creepshow installments, in which the wraparound element linking the stories was a horror comic, Creepshow III takes an approach similar to Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, in which characters from each story collide with each other during the film. There is also a hot dog stand as a common element in the movie. Brochures, ads and other things from the hot dog stand are peppered throughout.


Alice Jacobs is a stuck-up, snotty teenager who comes home to find her father meddling with some kind of universal remote. Whenever he presses one of the buttons on the device, the whole family besides Alice changes ethnicity. During this, Alice gradually mutates into what is supposedly her "true form".

Just when Alice thinks everything is back to normal, her father presses another button, revealing Alice's true form. Her family is absolutely horrified at the sight of Alice, and the story ends with Professor Dayton, the mad scientist from down the street, using another remote control to turn Alice into a white rabbit.

The Radio

Jerry is a part-time security guard who buys a radio from a homeless street vendor to replace his old one which has stopped working; however, this mysterious new radio is far from ordinary... It can have a conversation with Jerry, and very soon Jerry is stealing money and murdering people, all at the whim of his new radio.

Call Girl

Rachael, a murderous call girl, receives a request from a shy man named Victor, her newest client. Rachael thinks he will be just another easy victim, when Rachel gets there, scenes of a murdered family with their necks ripped out are flashed on-screen, and there is no evidence Victor living in the house.. Rachel chains him to the bed and proceeds to stab him in the chest, puts a pillow over his face and then has a quick shower. She then keeps hearing 'Victor's' voice saying "You killed me." Rachel removes the pillow and revealing a gruesome creature with a large, toothy mouth. Victor turns out to be a vampire, and he kills Rachel and hangs her in the room with the house owners whom he's already killed.

The Professor's Wife

Two former students come to visit Professor Dayton and meet his wife to be, Kathy. Having been victims of his practical jokes in the past, they suspect that Kathy is actually a robot, which the professor has supposedly spent the last twenty years working on in his laboratory. She also behaves like a robot and does not eat or drink, which further indicates that she is probably mechanical.

When the professor is out of the house, they decide to dismantle Kathy to see what she looks like on the inside. To their utter horror, they learn that Kathy really was a human being after all. The professor later buys an 'advanced' voodoo kit from the homeless street vendor to put Kathy back together in time for the wedding.

Haunted Dog

A cruel, miserly doctor, Dr. Farwell, works a thirty day court-ordered sentence at a free clinic, where he is very insolent and rude towards his patients, even going as far as to show no sympathy towards a young girl with a brain tumour, and mocking an elderly woman who is going blind. One day he buys a hot dog, which was poisoned and intended for him.

Dr. Farwell accidentally drops it on the ground. He sadistically decides to give the dirty hot dog to a homeless man who has been bothering him for some spare change. The homeless man dies after taking one bite, and he returns to haunt the cruel doctor. The story ends with the doctor having a heart attack from having had too many encounters with his ghostly stalker.

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