Craig Toomey is a secondary antagonist in the novella The Langoliers, the first story in Four Past Midnight.

Craig Toomey is an unstable investment banker, who caused a disaster for his own company. He is on his way to Boston on the red-eye from Los Angeles to explain his actions to his boss. He had been mistreated as a child by his abusive father. After the passengers disappeared from the plane he seems to grasp what happened, but doesn't bother speculating why, and instead ignores it and continually insists that he must get to Boston. It is Craig who names the Langoliers, from stories his father had told him. He'd said Langoliers are monsters that punish lazy people.

Craig finally suffers a mental breakdown in the airport. After hallucinating his father warning him he must get to Boston before the Langoliers get him, he becomes extremely violent. During their stay in the airport, he takes Bethany as hostage, shoots Albert (although the gun misfires), fatally wounds Dinah, and kills Mr. Gaffney before he himself is subdued and nearly killed by Albert. It is only on Dinah's insistence that he is left in that state and not killed once and for all.

After he wakes up, Craig hallucinates Dinah urging him out of the airport. When he arrives on the tarmac, he believes his boss is there, having come to meet with him to discuss his horrible investments. However, this is just a suggestion that Dinah had implanted in him to distract the Langoliers while the others get away on the plane.

In the film, Craig Toomey was played by Bronson Pinchot.

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