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""Period!" The catcall came first from Chris Hargensen. It struck the tiled walls of the steamy locker room, it rebounded in vibrations, and struck again. Sue Snell gasped in laughter from her nose and felt an odd, vexing mixture of hate, revulsion, exasperation, and pity. She just looked so dumb, standing there, not knowing what was going on. "God!" Said Sue, "You'd think she never…" "Period!" Chris shouted again, even louder than the first time."
""You apparently haven't realized all the implications of this claim it goes both ways. In this matter, Mr. Hargensen. The same umbrella that covers your daughter also covers Carrie White and the minute you file for damages on the ground of physical and verbal abuse, we will cross file against your daughter on those same grounds for Carrie White." John Hargensen's mouth dropped open."
―Carrie (2002)
―Chris Hargensen
""Aren't you getting to be the Joan of Arc around here? I seem to remember you were in there pitching with the rest of us." "Yes" Sue Snell said, trembling. "But I stopped." "Oh, aren't you just it?" Chris marveled. "Oh my yes. Take your root beer with you. I'm afraid I might touch it and turn to f**ing gold.""
―Chris Hargensen

Christine Hargensen was born on March 5th, 1963 in Chamberlain, Maine. She is best known as Chris Hargensen is the beautiful and wealthy 17 year old daughter of John Hargensen, a successful lawyer, and a student at the local public Ewen High School in the town of Chamberlain, Maine and the secondary antagonist of the novel and film of Carrie. In the story of Carrie, Chris was the sociopathic ringleader of the particular band of popular girls who continually teased, harassed and mercilessly bullied their fellow classmate named Carrie White for her differences ever since 1st grade. Chris had a greaser boyfriend named Billy Nolan, who was the leader of a dangerous gang in Chamberlain. She also had a best friend named Tina Blake, who was just as much a bully as she was. Chris is the main antagonist throughout all of the novel, film and musical adaptations. Chris, Billy, Tina and as well as several others, hatched a scheme to humiliate Carrie in a particular cruel way at the Senior Prom of Ewen High School. However thanks to Carrie's secret telekinesis, she gave them all a taste of their own medicine in a dose filled with vengeance and rage.


All that is known about Chris is that she is the beautiful and popular leader of a well known group at Ewen High School called The Mortimer Snerds.

Apparently, she had a long history of bullying unpopular or outcast fellow classmates especially Carrie White and has been sent to detention 73 times in 4 years. Chris had also been known to slip a firecracker into the shoe of a girl with a harelip and blew her two front toes off. Also, Chris was more vulgar. For example: halfway through the novel, Chris called Mr. Grayle a "cocksucker" and stood up to Miss Desjardin before getting slammed into a group of lockers. As a result, she was banned from the Prom.

Later, after setting the Prom Night prank into motion, Chris and Billy Nolan attempted to make love inside of a roadhouse until they were interrupted by a fellow classmate Jackie Talbot, who warned them that their school and their town were burning to the ground. Some time afterward, just as Carrie arrived at the roadhouse's parking lot, Chris and Billy hurried to his car, started it up and made their way towards the bloodied and weakened Carrie, thinking that they were going to run her over and put the finishing touch on their plans.

Being telekinetic, Carrie took control of the car with her mind and sent it and its passengers into the roadhouse. The car exploded and set the building on fire, killing them both.

1976 Film

IMG 0993.jpg

"I hate Carrie White"
―Chris Hargensen

This version of Chris Hargensen is portrayed by Nancy Allen. She is similar to her novel counterpart. very rebellious, unfazed by authority figures and manipulative.

Still she is portrayed even more dangerous than her novel counterpart, because in this version she is in every way the driving force behind the evil prank. She initiated the shower incident with Carrie White and when she and the other girls in her class were forced to serve a special kind of "detention" with Miss Collins, she refused to cooperate on all fronts and was banned from the Prom. Afterwards, it was almost second nature in Chris's eyes to blame Carrie for her new troubles and looked for any way to destroy her and turned to her boyfriend Billy Nolan who is in this film more a follower than a leader. The pair went out driving one night and Chris used this as the perfect opportunity to spin her "noodle headed" beau around her finger once more and get him to do something for her. Billy was virtually clueless until he heard Chris say, "Billy, I hate Carrie White”.

A couple of nights later, Chris, Billy and two of his friends crept into a pig farm with the intent on pulling a "prank" and that prank turned out to be one of them killing a helpless pig, draining it’s blood and pouring it into a bucket. But, there was more to it. Billy and Chris later broke into the Bates High School gym, where they climbed a ladder up towards the rafters, placed the bucket on one of them and poured the pig´s blood into it. Chris was getting impatient and wanted to go home. Billy told her, that if she kept cool, she would get to pull the rope on the bucket when everything was ready. Chris all too happily obliged. Chris was seen the next day with a friend of Billy's, Freddy DeLois talking to the Prom committee leader Ernest Peterson, Freddy convinced Ernest to allow him to collect the ballots for the Prom King and Queen and Ernest agreed. But when he was asked to be at school at 6:30 p.m., Freddy did not want any of that and blurted out that he would arrive at 8:00 p.m., Ernest was a bit discouraged, but consented nonetheless. Later, during the Prom, Chris and Billy spent most of their time hiding under the stage, looking for Carrie and her date Tommy Ross. The 2 were also looking around for Freddy and Norma Watson to see if they were collecting the ballots for Prom King and Queen. They were… until Norma and Freddy retired to the other side of the stage, where Norma kicked the real ballots behind her and pulled another set of "ballots" from Freddy's coat. She gave these to the small King and Queen committee, who were counting the votes and then headed over to the stage's stairwell and gave it a small tap. Chris and Billy peeked their heads out to acknowledge the "signal". Chris continued tugging restlessly at the rope all while Carrie and Tommy were heading to the stage to be crowned King and Queen. Later, she watched as Sue Snell was dragged from out of the gym by Miss Collins. As soon as the doors were closed again, Chris pulled the rope tied to the bucket of blood. The applause and cheers were silenced… and soon many of the kids and teachers began laughing at what they had seen.

As their "work" was done, Billy and Chris quickly and happily found the nearest exit and fled out of it. Of course, they had a window side view through, which to see the results of the actions and Carrie had suddenly gone into a trance-like state and began destroying the gym and everyone inside, much to the shock of Chris and Billy. Chris also saw Miss Collins die and looked horrified. The pair then ran off, feeling as though their plan had backfired. Later, Chris and Billy chanced after Carrie, as she was apparently walking home. Chris was horrified about what happened at the Prom and devastated about the death of her best friend Norma and planned to avenge her. Chris revved up the car and footed the gas pedal, heading straight towards Carrie. It seemed as though she would finally strike down her "enemy" and have avenge everyone, but it was Carrie who struck the final blow with her telekinesis.

She took control of the car away from Chris and sent it rolling into a clearing for a few yards. After a while, the vehicle exploded undoubtedly killing Chris and Billy.


2002 TV-Remake

Chris was portrayed by Emilie de Ravin, and was far more similar to the "novel" Chris than Nancy Allen's version.

Her confrontation with Miss Desjardin was also in concordance with the novel. At one point, she even tried to convince Carrie that Sue was the "enemy."

In this film, Chris is presented as a cruel, wicked and manipulative girl. However, she is shown to have a certain amount of remorse (earlier, after she was banned from the prom because of testing Ms. Desjarden and not bowing to the punishment for what she did to Carrie).

Her father John Hargensen (Michael Kopsa) threatened to have the gym teacher fired and take the school to court if Chris' prom privileges were not restored. However, Principal Morton did not cave in, and countered by saying that he would battle Hargensen's suit on all fronts. He further stated that Chris belonged in either military school or jail for her countless acts of cruelty against the "reject" student population. Faced with this situation, her father changes his mind and relents, which makes Chris swear revenge on Carrie.

However, unlike the other versions, Chris is shown to have a certain degree of change of heart after seeing how happy Carrie was, and became reluctant about pouring the pig's blood over Carrie. Billy pressured her to carry out the plan, and in the end, she finally poured the pig's blood over Carrie.

When Billy attempts to run over Carrie when they find her during her rampage, Chris actually begs Billy not to run her over, but Billy doesn't listen. Carrie stops the car and sends it smashing into a tree, which kills both Chris and Billy.

2013 Film

"Help. Me." - Chris' last words.

In the 2013 film, Chris is portrayed by Portia Doubleday. The Chris in this version is similar to the book character.

Chris is the main leader of the Ultras and records Carrie having her period on her smartphone, which she posts on the Internet. She is forced to be in Miss Desjardin's boot camp style detention. When Chris refuses to attend the detention and tells her dad, she ends up being banned from the prom.

When Chris and her father speak to Mr. Morton, Mr. Hargensen asks Chris to give up her phone, but Chris refuses to do so, and she storms out.

Chris with Billy in the 2013 movie

Later on, Chris and her boyfriend Billy Nolan go to a farm and slaughter a pig. Chris slits the pig's throat. Chris, Billy and his other friends are setting up the bucket and a drip of blood lands on her.

On the night of the prom, Chris texts Sue saying: "Your girl looks so good, she won't for long." Sue rushes to the school, where she witnesses Billy about to pull the rope.

After Billy pulls it, Chris falls back. She watches the blood pour on Carrie and smiles. When Carrie is humiliated, Chris laughs with excitement. She begins to run, but stops when the bucket hits Tommy's head, killing him. She is shown to look partly shocked and partly mournful when she sees Tommy lying dead on the stage (as though wondering how their prank could've gone so wrong).

As Billy pulls her out of the gymnasium, Chris looks back at the burning gym, while Billy is driving and she worries. When Billy pulls over, Chris texts her dad to come and get her, but Billy threatens her. Chris and Billy discuss how they are going to escape before attempting to leave.

When Carrie unleashes her power and forces Chris to face her for what she did, all she thinks is about killing her, pressing Billy to do it, to which he relents. When Carrie uses her powers in self-defense, she stops the car from running her over, which causes Chris to fall back and Billy to fall head first into the steering wheel. He dies because of this event.

Chris tries to leave the car, but Carrie locks her in. When Carrie tries to tie Chris to the chair with the seatbelt, she is able to tear it off. Carrie lifts the car up, and the two girls coldly stare at each other. When Chris obsessively tries to run over Carrie herself, Carrie sends the car crashing into a gas pump, which causes Chris to fall head first into the windshield leaving her with open wounds and glass sticking out of her cheeks.

Chris silently begs for help, but Carrie refuses. Carrie then causes a gas pump to fall on the car as it explodes, with the corpses of Billy and Chris inside.


Chris Hargensen (1976)