Chosen Jacobs (born July 3, 2001) portrayed Mike Hanlon in the IT 2017 adaptation and portrays the role of Wendell Deaver in Castle Rock, where he was reunited with It co-star Bill Skarsgård. He is also known for his reoccurring role on Hawaii Five-0 as Will Grover.

He was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and moved to Hollywood in 2015 to further his entertainment career. His first acting job was in a Hot wheels commercial at age 13[1]. He was inspired to act after seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby and Denzel Washington in Training Day[2].

He is also a musician, singing, playing the guitar and piano. He references Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars as performers he looks up to, and sees his being a musician and actor as complementing each other[3].

On Spotify as Chosen Jacobs.

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