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Charles Boone is the main character of Stephen King's short story Jerusalem's Lot featured in the 1978 collection Night Shift. He is also portrayed in the Epix T.V. series, Chapelwaite.


Jerusalem's Lot Story

Charles is a is resident, along with his manservant Calvin McCann, of the Chapelwaite manor, near Jerusalem’s Lot, Maine in 1850.

Charles inherits Chapelwaite from his late cousin Stephen. Much to his misfortune, Charles learns that his family feared by the locals of near by town of Preacher’s Corners which makes his stay at Chapelwaite difficult.

Among Charles Boone known relatives include, his ancestor James Boon who was the leader of a cult in Jerusalem’s Lot, Marcella Boone who died falling down the Chapelwaite’s cellar stairs, Randolph Boone who is said to have hanged himself in the cellar, Charles’ grandfafther Robert Boone, Robert’s brother Philip Boone who joins the Jerusalem’s Lot cult, and James Robert Boone who is the present day bastard relative.