Chamberlain destroyed by Carrie White

Chamberlain is a real town in Maine. The town shares borders with Motton and Lewiston. It is a small village with a population of about 150.

Carrie White attended Ewen High School, the only high school in Chamberlain and Johnny Riddell attended a middle school in Chamberlain. Chamberlain was burned to its core by Carrie with her telekinesis in May 26th, 1979 when a Prom Night massacre stemming from Ewan High School wound up destroying the high school and most of the town in the process. In the time it became a ghost town, that never did rebuild itself from the ashes of the disaster, because the people lost their will for that after the disaster, which also made them look like fools and therefore decided to leave the town in order to forget the deaths and the Carrie White affair.

Since then it has become a tourist attraction for those who want to know more about The Black Prom. With its buildings and the destruction intact, it was easy to achieve that.


Alive Residents

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