Cat's Eye (poster)

Cat's Eye (1985)

Cat's Eye
is a 1985 anthology film directed by Lewis Teague from a screenplay by Stephen King based on two of his own short stories: "The Ledge" and "Quitters, Inc."


The film consists of three stories linked together by a cat as he wanders from place, seeking out a little girl in order to save her from a supernatural danger. As he searches, the cat plays minor roles in the first two stories, witnessing some bizarre events: smoker Dick Morrison who is cured of his nicotine addiction by a Mafia-style organization; and gambler Johnny Norris forced by his lover's jealous husband to play a deadly game on the ledge of a tall building.

The cat finally finds the little girl, who welcomes him and names him "General". Unfortunately, General soon runs afoul of her cat-hating mother, who treacherously sends him to the local animal shelter to be put to sleep. Undaunted, the cat escapes and returns to the girl, where he confronts a miniature troll who wishes to steal her breath. After a mighty struggle, General saves the girl's life by toppling the troll into a large fan. After the father finds irrefutable evidence of the troll's existence, the girl's mother finally accepts the cat, and all seems to end well.

As an epilogue, the cat enters the girl's room while everyone is asleep. Like the troll, General climbs onto the bed and approaches her face and looks at her in the same manner. He then settles on the girl's chest and licks her face to wake her up. Seeing him, she smiles happily.


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