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This article pertains to the character as he appeared in print. You may be looking for his small-screen counterpart.

Carter Thibodeau (d. 28 Oct 2012) is a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine. He is friends with Junior Rennie, Frank DeLesseps, and Melvin Searles; he is dating Georgia Roux.

Under the Dome

On 20 October 2009, he and his friends beat up Dale Barbara in the parking lot of Dipper's Roadhouse, leading to Barbara's attempted exodus from Chester's Mill. The next day, Jim Rennie, Andy Sanders and Andrea Grinnell agreed to offer Thibodeau, as well as Junior, DeLesseps and Searles, jobs as temporary police officers.

The four, along with Roux, were sworn in as Special Deputies the next morning, and worked security at the joint protest/prayer-group in the field of Dinsmore's farm. Later that night, he, Searles, and DeLesseps raped Bushey in her trailer while Roux watched. After each of them raped her they all left and popped holes in her car tires.

The next day Thibodeau and Melvin Searles drove around in Unit Two to clear a section of the town. It was because the government was launching a bomb that could destroy the Dome, but a few people near the area could be killed in the process. So him and Searles cleared everything in the sector; including the Holy Redeemer Church.


In the 2013 television series, Carter is played by Andrew Vogel.