• This is an adaptation of Stephen King's novel. It is not an official remake of Brian De Palma's 1976 horror movie. If you read the book and then compare with this telefilm you will find that this version is the most faithful transfer from book to film.

Angela Bettis was the actress who portrayed Carrie in 2002.

The younger Carrie was played by Jodelle Ferland who causes a rain of fiery stones to fall out the sky like in the novel. This version of the character, in general, was more similar to the novel than Sissy Spacek's portrayal.

Throughout much of the movie, there were segments where different characters gave their accounts of the Ewen High prom night incident. Also, the "downtown destruction" segment, as portrayed in the novel, which was left out from the 1976 movie because of budget constraints occurred here. It also shows that Carrie was not consciously aware of what she was doing, because the prank and the subsequent laughter had put her in a temporary, catatonic state of mind where her inner rage took over and unleashed her secret powers which led to the subconscious activation of her prom rampage and the tragic destruction of the town.

However, when she returns home, she regains her consciousness in the bathtub shortly before her mother tried to drown her when she subconsciously took a bath to wash all the pig's blood off of her dress and her entire body. There her own mother accused her of being a witch and tried to drown her. In self-defense, Carrie used her telekinesis to stop her by stopping her heart like in the novel. However, she also entered a comatose state because of the murder attempt of her mother on her.

In the aftermath of this version, Carrie did not die, because Sue later came to her place and managed to revive her by performing CPR. She survived her post-prom ordeal with the help of Sue, hid in the ruins of the school and later escaped with Sue to Florida who drove her only half way. Carrie later went on to help other teens with their telekinesis in a hidden manner.


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