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Carrie is a 2002 made-for-TV movie based on the first novel published by Stephen King. The film was directed by David Carson from a screenplay by Bryan Fuller. This remake is far more similar to the novel than the first movie.

The film aired on NBC on 4 November 2002, and was originally intended as the pilot episode of a series in which Carrie White moved to Florida to help others with telekinetic problems, and thus included a cliffhanger twist-ending, in which Carrie survives the prom disaster, thanks to the help of Sue.


The film begins in a police station. A young girl named Sue Snell is being interviewed by a detective about what has become known as "The Black Prom," and the disappearance of Carrie White, which occurred two weeks before.

One week before the transpired events, Sue plays softball during gym. One of Sue's friends, Tina Blake, who teased Carrie, begins chanting "Miss! Miss!" at Carrie, causing her to miss the ball. The girls constantly harass Carrie, with Chris Hargensen being especially vicious.

After gym, in the shower, Carrie has her first period and panics. Tina sees it flow down the drain, and notifies all the other girls. They all surround Carrie's shower stall and tease Carrie, tormenting her. Hearing this, the gym teacher, Ms. Desjardin, comes into the shower, and finds Carrie lying by the drain in a fetal position. As she comforts Carrie, Carrie asks her if she is dying. Carrie had no idea about menstruation and thought she was bleeding to death.

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Later, the school principal determines that Carrie should go home to calm down after the incident. When the principal repeatedly mispronounces her name, Carrie snaps and screams out her name. Suddenly, the principal's desk moves fives inches in the opposite direction. As she leaves the principal's office, all the kids gather around as she finds the words "Plug It Up" written on her locker door. Once she opens her locker door, tampons fall all over her, much to the delight and laughter of other students, except for Sue Snell. On her way home, Carrie is accosted by yet another vicious child, this time a pre-teen boy on a bicycle. He rides rings around Carrie, ins

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ulting her. With no warning, his bike smashes into a tree, throwing the boy to ground. When she reaches home, Carrie's mother, Margaret White, receives the phone call from school. Due to her bizarre religious beliefs, Margaret considers menstruation a sign of sexual sinning. She beats Carrie and locks her in the "Praying Closet."

Meanwhile, Ms. Desjardin notifies the girls during class that they are to have detention in the gym everyday, for fifty minutes. Chris claims that she will skip the detention, but Ms. Desjardin explains that the penalty for skipping detention is three days suspension and refusal of the prom tickets. Chris storms out, claiming that "this isn't over".

At the same time, Carrie researches "miracles" in the library to understand what has been happening to her. Eventually, she finds out about telekinesis, an unusual gift that is theorised to be sometimes possessed by young girls going through puberty. It appears, that the carriers of it are able to move or control objects with their minds.

After Chris' father has been unable to get back his daughter's prom privileges, she plots a revenge against Carrie, whom she solely blames on her suspension. At the same time, Sue, trying to atone for her bullying, asks her popular jock boyfriend Tommy Ross to take Carrie to the prom instead of her. At first Tommy disagrees, but then gives in. The next day, at the library, Tommy asks Carrie to the prom, who assumes it is all another trick, but Tommy claims to her that he will meet her mother, give her the night of her life, and make sure that nobody makes fun of her, and if they do, he will beat them up.

That evening, Carrie tells her mother about the prom and Margaret throws a huge fit, forbidding Carrie to go. Carrie uses her powers to trap her mother inside the room, finally confronting her abuser. Margaret immediately assumes her daughter is a witch, possessing demonic powers. However, she is also fearful of her daughter's newly acquired strength and gives in.


As prom day approaches, Sue helps Carrie prepare for the big event. Tina and Chris overhear their plans and develop a full revenge plan. Chris gets her juvenile delinquent boyfriend Billy Nolan to help her acquire pig's blood from a nearby farm, which will be the main device in her gruesome scheme to get back at Carrie. On the day of the prom, Margaret White begs Carrie to stay home and beg God for forgiveness, but Carrie uses her powers to throw her mother out of the room. As the infuriated Margaret leaves the house, Tommy comes to pick her up for the prom, impressed by her makeover into a beautiful young woman.


As the prom progresses, Tina manages to switch the winner ballots for fraudulent ones that declare Carrie and Tommy king and queen of the prom. The scheme works and the two are declared winners. As Tommy and Carrie take their place on stage, Carrie notices blood dripping on her arm and looks up, seeing the bucket of blood placed above the stage. Chris, who has been hiding with Billy backstage, pulls the rope, sending a wave of blood on Carrie, also splattering some on Tommy and Norma. The duo run away, dropping the rope, which drops the bucket on Tommy's head, killing him.


Carrie, horrified, angry and in shock, blacks out mentally and finally loses control of her mental abilities. She locks everyone inside the gym and destroys the electrical spolights, showering sparks onto the students, causing a mass panic. The spotlights then crash to floor, and the uncontrollable electricity sets the school on fire. As Tina screams in horror, Carrie crushes her to death with a basketball board. Ms. Desjardin manages to get a few kids into a vent, where they make their escape. The sprinkler system sense the flames and turns on, but Carrie breaks it after a minute, preventing more water from snuffing out the flames. Once the floor is flooded with water, Carrie causes the scoreboard to fall, electrocuting everyone else, who is still on the floor.

An enraged trance-bound Carrie unleashes her venomous wrath on the people who tormented her for years.

Carrie leaves the school, locking the doors behind her and leaving the rest of the students and staff to die as the gym collapses in flames. As she makes her way back to town, she brings the destruction with her, blowing apart everything that comes her way. Chris and Billy, witnessing the destruction from Billy's truck, encounter Carrie and attempt to run her over, but Carrie telekinetically stops the car and sends it slamming it into a telephone pole, killing them both. Once Carrie gets home, she takes a bath to wash off all the blood. It is there, where she recovers her awareness of her surroundings, but Margaret appears shortly afterwards. Now completely mad, she considers Carrie a demon and attempts to drown her in the tub. As Carrie loses consciousness, she gathers her last ounce of strength to telekinetically stop her mother's heart, killing her.

Sue's interview with the investigators wraps up, but many other questions remain. What exactly happened at the prom? Is there really such a thing as telekinesis? Was Sue a participant in Chris' prank? And, most importantly, if Carrie White also perished in the aftermath of "The Black Prom" , then what happened to her body?

Carrie and Sue

Unknown to everyone, during the disastrous aftermath of the prom, Sue went out looking for Carrie and found her in the bathtub, drowned, with her mother's dead body nearby. Sue manages to revive Carrie with CPR and has telepathic contact with Carrie, who transmits her the memories of her life and decides to hide her, while the scandal quiets down. Sue agrees to sneak Carrie out of town to somewhere in Florida after Carrie pays respects to her dead mother at night so that she can´t be seen. As the two drive off into the rainy night, Carrie receives a nightmarish vision of her mother, who warns her that "sin never dies". Later she sees another vision of Chris before she turns back to reality. She then looks towards the great unknown and towards the speedway longing towards her new life hidden from everyone else.