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Byron Hadley is the chief of the guards at Shawshank Prison.


Hadley is a sadistic guard who thinks nothing of delivering beatings to the inmates to keep them in line.

When Andy Dufresne proves to be useful thanks to his banking experience Hadley becomes his protector.  Hadley shoots Tommy Williams under warden Samuel Norton's orders after Tommy reveals that he has access to information that may set Dufresne free. Later, he is arrested for his part in the murder.

Hadley was played by Clancy Brown in the movie adaptation The Shawshank Redemption.



  • A character named Lou Hadley is seen saying a few words in an inspirational video at the Shawshank Prison, as shown on the Castle Rock (TV Series). According to the creators of the show, the character is presumably related to Byron. [1]  


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