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Clarence "Buddy" Repperton is the school bully and the secondary antagonist in the novel "Christine" and its film adaptation. He is responsible for many of the events in the film which lead to his gang being killed by the car. Like Billy Nolan, Ace Merrill and Henry Bowers, Buddy is the leader of a school gang of bullies.


In the novel, Buddy is a rebellious, violent, foul-mouthed character and is the leader of a school bully gang like Henry Bowers in "It", Ace Merrill in "The Body" aka "Stand by Me" and Billy Nolan in "Carrie". In the novel Buddy has greasy black hair and two eyes set too close together. He is mentioned by Arnie as being a sarcastic character as he has a habit of barging into Arnie, usually spilling something and saying "Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me." like Steve Martin. At one point, Buddy smashes one of Christine's headlights with a tire iron. Arnie immediately goes after Buddy and the resulting fight goes on for a few minutes until Will Darnell breaks it up, waiting until it looks like Buddy is losing to Arnie. Arnie takes quite a beating from Buddy, but also dishes out several blows, including one that lands directly on Buddy's nose, bloodying it. 

Catcing up with Arnie at school, he gets into a fight with Arnie, which results in him pulling out a switchblade and being suspended from school. He drives a Chevrolet Camaro in both the novel and the film. He usually calls Arnie "Cuntface" and after his suspension along with his gang of thugs who are friends of Buddy’s, Richie Trelawney, Don Vandenberg and Moochie Welch . Afterwards Buddy and Co. trash Christine as revenge for Arnie telling a teacher that they had a switchblade.

Christine catches up with Buddy later as he, Richie, and "dipshit freshman" Bobby Stanton head to a state park following a basketball game. Christine rams Buddy's Camero into a concrete island, killing Richie and Bobby instantly. Buddy escapes the wreckage, but is pursued by Christine. The ghost of Roland LeBay appears to Buddy as he dies from his injuries sustained in the wreck. "That's the end for you, shitter."


"If it was yours, it would have your name on it. 'Arnie Cuntingham' Why doesn't it say 'Cuntingham?'"
―Buddy making fun of 'Arnie'

In the film Buddy has shorter, curlier mullet hair like Brian May. He was played on screen by William Ostrander and has two nicknames for Arnie, one being his book nickname "Cuntface" and "Arnie Cuntingham" and also has a nickname for Richie. Whilst with Moochie, Richie and Don, he spots Christine and says, "Hey Treelawney. Is that Cuntingham's car?" There are now four gang members who are Buddy, Richie, Don and Moochie. He is an equally violent character as Henry Bowers as he gets into a fight with Arnie as in the novel and is suspended for threatening him with a switchblade but is less rebellious than Chris as when threatened with the police being called, Buddy instantly reaches into his pocket and pulls out the dagger-like switchblade. Unlike in the book in which Buddy steps on Arnie's lunch bag, Buddy draws out the switchblade, pierces the bag and spills the contents all over the flooor. As revenge for his suspension, he, Richie, Don and Moochie trash Christine. In the film, he and the gang trash Christine independently, whereas in the book, he commands the trash of Christine. Afterwards, she gets even with him by killing his entire gang before finally killing him by following them to their gas station hangout where she causes a gasoline explosion that kills Richie and Don. Buddy runs away down the isolated country highway before a now-flaming Christine mows him down, leaving his burning corpse on the road.


  • "Well. Ex-cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse...ME!" Buddy's most common phrase
  • "You think that's funny? You tell a racist joke like that and you think it's funny?"
  • "You want to watch out or you'll be walking home. With a rupture. Then you can write "I hate nigge*s." all over your truss."
  • "Give me that bottle and shut your head"
  • "F***k you Cuntf

    Christine 1983 "Buddy Repperton has his lunch"

    Buddy gets suspended

    ace. F***k you and the horse you rode in on." making fun of Christine.

Christine Gets Smashed (HQ)

Buddy and co get even


Christine gas station scene

Buddy finally dies

  • "I'll fix you!!! You're gonna wish you were never fucking born!!!!" -The Movie. Buddy's threat to Arnie.