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The Bradley Gang was a group of bandits led by George and Al Bradley to rob and murder store owners of Derry. Their shootout incident is one of areas to the Well House by the connection to the sewer.

IT (1990)

In 1929, George and the rest of his acquaintances (including his brother and life partner) were brutally gunned down by several of Derry's citizens in an ambushed shooting. He was shot in the head at point blank from an armed shotgun.

Norbert Keene recalled the events to Mike Hanlon in 1985. He had remembered the story that many towns people had seen a clown shooting the same gun they had been using, each seeing him some where else in town during the shooting. One person even recalled seeing him floating outside a window.

IT (2017)

In 1935, George and the rest of his acquaintances were shot by several of Derry's citizens during their shootout.

Real Life Inspiration

The Bradley Gang incident was likely inspired by the real life Brady Gang Shooting that took place on April 27, 1936 in Bangor, Maine.