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Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a city in Colorado.

The Stand

Boulder was the site of a federal weather monitoring station prior to the spread of the superflu across the United States and the world. A false rumor took hold in Boulder as its population sickened, leading many to believe that the weather station was the source of Captain Trips. One hundred U.S. Army soldiers sent by an understrength military to quarantine Boulder by force were run over by 10,000 Boulder citizens, gripped by fear and attempting to put as many miles between them and the city as possible. The soldiers were left where they fell, and the citizens who stayed in Boulder eventually died of the superflu, as no one in the city was immune.

Boulder was not destroyed by rioting or looting, nor filled with dead the way so many other cities were. When Abigail Freemantle traveled there from Hemingford Home, Nebraska, she found the city empty and virtually intact. As visions of her drew growing numbers of immune survivors to Boulder, they settled into homes left behind by long-dead Boulderites, and began working to restore electrical power, dispose of dead bodies, and establish a semblance of order again.

These efforts were ultimately successful, but not without setbacks. Boulder attracted fewer mechanics and technical professionals than Las Vegas did, so there was considerable ignorance of practical safety issues. The first attempt to turn Boulder's electrical power back on failed as many homes and business still had their power and numerous appliances turned on, and a gas explosion later occurred at an automotive maintenance shop that no one had bothered to check, killing a citizen who was sitting across the street at the time.

The new government established in the city, the Boulder Free Zone, valued the former United States' civil liberties and democratic rule of law highly, and adopted both the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights as the legal foundations for the Free Zone. Boulder citizens were vastly more complacent (even lazy) than their counterparts in Las Vegas, but they also didn't live in a permanent and inescapable state of fear.

Randall Flagg's Society of the People intended to send a convoy of tanks and military trucks to Boulder after the winter, and Flagg also talked of bombing the city from the air with salvaged fighter-bombers from Creech Air Force Base. Due to the death of Flagg's ex-military professionals and the destruction of Las Vegas, these plans never materialized.


Annie Wilkes worked at Boulder Hospital.

The Shining

For a while Jack Torrance, wife Wendy and son Danny lived on Arapahoe Street in Boulder.