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A "bool hunt" is a term coined by Scott Landon in the novel, Lisey's Story. It's a type of scavenger hunt. There are a series of clues that lead to a prize at the end.


Scott Landon's brother, Paul, created these "bool hunts" to entertain his little brother and distract him from their crazy father. He would leave clues around their house to lead Scott to prizes, like candy bars or soda pop.

Many years later after Scott's death, Amanda told her sister, Lisey, that her late husband left her a "bool hunt". Lisey starts to find a series of clues that Scott left her, which lead to a prize.

Lisey's Bool Hunt Clues

  1. Shovel
  2. Dr. Hugh Alberness's number in Amanda's address book
  3. Back of the framed photo of Lisey and Scott holding his first publisher check
  4. Note in Dr. Alberness' book signed by Scott Landon
  5. Yellow knit "Delight"