Boo'ya Moon

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Boo'ya Moon, also known as Banella, is a fantasy location featured in the Stephen King novel, Lisey's Story. It is the dream world and one of many realities that make up the multiverse.


Lisey Landon's late husband, Scott Landon, had the strange ability to travel between the real world and the fantastical world, Boo'ya Moon. In his novels, he referred to it as Banella to make the name sound less childish, according to Lisey.

Boo'ya Moon is a beautiful, peaceful place with a big lake. Many veiled people sit around the stone steps that surround the lake. However, the people there live in fear of the "long boy" and try to stay quiet to not disturb him. The lake has healing waters that help Scott, his brother Paul, and Amanda heal their cut wounds quickly.

Scott is able to access the fantasy world by running water, such as sink taps or bath tubs.


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