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Sam Raimi's cameo as Bobby Terry in the 1994 TV miniseries.

Bobby Terry is a minor character in the novel The Stand. In the 1994 TV miniseries, the part is played in a special cameo appearance by well-known film director and TV producer Sam Raimi. In the 2020 miniseries, the character is portrayed by Clifton Collins Jr.

Character Biography

Bobby Terry is one of Randall Flagg's henchmen, stationed at a checkpoint in Copperfield, Oregon, near the Oxbow Dam on the Snake River. He and his companion Dave Roberts are on the lookout for Judge Farris, a spy from the Boulder Free Zone; they are under strict orders from Flagg to kill the Judge with his head completely intact, so that it can be sent back as a warning to Boulder.

Unfortunately, Bobby Terry is trigger-happy and not overly bright.

While Roberts is sleeping and Bobby is distracted with a stack of comic books, the Judge blows right through town and nearly slips away. In the time it takes to rally Roberts and get on the road, they lose nearly ten minutes. 

Giving chase, they manage to catch up with the Judge outside of town. The calmer and more intelligent Roberts takes the lead, managing to lure the Judge out of his car and shoot him in the guts, as per their orders.

Bobby Terry also fires, but nervously and unnecessarily, killing Roberts by accident. After exchanging several shots with Farris, Bobby eventually scores two direct hits to the judge's face, mangling his head in flagrant violation of Flagg's orders.

Pondering the magnitude of his error, Bobby has a brief moment to consider running away to central America, when Flagg materializes out of nowhere and savagely murders him.

The details are omitted, except that the death is very slow, and involves teeth.