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Blood Hunt is the first episode of the Apple TV+ adaption of Lisey's Story. It aired on June 4, 2021.


Lisey Landon begins to face repressed realities about her late husband, novelist Scott Landon, two years after his death.


In the opening scene, a young Lisey Landon is on a swing, swinging back and forth. The scene shifts to Lisey in present day rocking back and forth on the same swing. A quote from Scott Landon reads across the screen - “Every marriage keeps its own secrets”.

Lisey walks into a pool in her bathing suit. In a memory, she talks to her husband, Scott Landon, about his stories and how much they love each other. Later on, they kiss, wrapped in each other’s arms, in bed. She recalls another memory of her husband giving a speech at a construction site for a new library right before he gets shot by a man. Lisey jolts awake and looks flustered.

She continues to recall memories of her and her husband, having dinner and mouthing I love you to one another. She thinks back again to the day Scott died and how she hit the gunman in the face with a shovel. In present day, she looks at the same shovel and in frustration throws it under a chair to hide it from her sight.

The phone rings and Lisey picks it up. Amanda, Lisey’s older sister, calls her to ask why she and Darla haven’t showed up for lunch yet and Lisey claims she fell asleep. Amanda asks if Lisey knows that Charlie got married and Lisey admits that Darla told her. Amanda smashes a mug and frustratedly exclaims that Charlie was seeing this woman the entire time they were together. Lisey hears the smashed mug and demands to know what’s going on. She calls Darla and tells her to rush over.

Lisey is in her car and pulls over when she sees Roger Dashmiel who gets out of his car and tells her that she needs to give him Scott Landon’s papers so they can be reviewed. He tells her that just because she shared Scott’s bed doesn’t give her the right to withhold his papers. She threatens to call the cops. Lisey then intentionally rears her car into his before speeding off.

Amanda starts to harm herself using the smashed mug pieces to cut her hands. She gets up when she hears a fire alarm go off. Darla drives up to the house and runs in to find Amanda covered in blood and looking at playing cards.

Lisey bangs her head against a window repeatedly and finally makes it to Amanda’s house. Darla fills her in on what happened and takes her to Amanda’s room where Amanda is sitting in a daze. Darla leaves and Lisey offers to stay the night to watch her. Alone with Amanda, Lisey asks what Scott did the last time Amanda had a breakdown and Amanda just asks for some cocoa.

In a flashback, Scott goes to take care of Amanda. He tells her “this is just between us” and puts his mouth on hers, releasing a stream of water, from a pool, into her mouth. Amanda jolts back to her normal self and Scott tells her they have to talk about Lisey.

Professor Dashmiel sits in a hotel room on the phone to Jim Dooley, who talks about how Scott Landon’s book changed him and that he will get the papers he wants because “no one will ever say no to me”.

Amanda tells Lisey about the sweetest water she ever had - from the pool - and that that’s how Scott saved her the last time. She tells Lisey about a treasure hunt and that there are a series of clues that she needs to figure out. The first clue is the shovel Amanda says. Lisey falls asleep dreams about a mysterious forest and a shining light.

In a memory, Lisey is at the hospital with Scott right after he was shot. The nurse tells her he will probably be okay but when she walks into the room he’s gone and the water is running in the bathroom. She turns around and he is back in the hotel bed and there is a line of wet footprints leading to his bed. She asks where he went and he just responds “you know where”.

In her dream, Lisey tells Scott she misses him so much. He tells her she is on a “bool hunt”. Lisey and Scott watch their wedding party and see their past selves dancing together. Lisey asks Scott why the bool hunt is now and he tells her that she needs to take care of Amanda in order to claim her prize. Scott disappears and Lisey sees “MR MD Bool” written in the sand. Lisey dreams that she woke up and gets shot by the same man who shot Scott. Lisey really wakes up this time and finds Amanda sitting in the bathtub in another daze.

Jim Dooley sits in a library and speaks to the librarian about Scott Landon and how he paid for the library and how “everything came from him”. She insists that she needs to close the library but he won’t leave. He strongly suggests that she put Scott’s favorite childhood book on display with a plaque to inspire future generations of children. Visibly terrified, she agrees.

Lisey sits up and says, “Mr. MD”. She looks in her address book and sees the note “Babyluv! Second Clue Bool” with a man, Dr. Hugh Alberness’, name and number on it. She immediately calls him and he tells her that Landon’s books are some of his most treasured items. He asked if she was calling about Amanda and her repeated self-harm behavior. Dr. Alberness tells her that he wants to help and that his help was already taken care of by Scott. Men come to take Amanda to the facility where Dr. Alberness works. Darla asks how Scott knew this would happen.

In another flashback, Scott tells Lisey he has visions and that’s what he writes about. He starts to disclose information about his family. In present, Lisey is walking through a field and screams.

Lisey receives a call from Jim to talk about Scott’s papers. Jim tells him that Professor Dashmiel knows more about Scott Landon than everyone on earth and Lisey contradicts him. Jim tells Lisey that she’s going to give the “Prof” what he wants or else he will hurt her. She tells him to “go f**k yourself” and she hangs up.

In Lisey’s house, a lighthouse statue lights up and starts moving on its own. In Jim’s room, he starts moving his body aggressively, jumping up and down.

Lisey is at the swing, where she was at the beginning of the episode, and again she recalls the memory of Scott being shot.

Jim paces in his room pretending to hold up a gun. Jim then video tapes himself hugging a cardboard cutout of Scott.

Lisey sees a vision of the mysterious forest and a monster, but she tells herself that didn’t really happen.






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