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Blood Bool is the second episode of the Apple TV+ adaption of Lisey's Story. It aired on June 4, 2021.


Lisey calls Professor Dashmiel to warn him about Jim Dooley, who is already close at hand.


Lisey jumps into the pool at her house. In a flashback, Amanda talks to Lisey at her wedding about how she and Scott “speak the same language” and how he is fragile.

In a medical facility, Amanda sits in a daze. She visualizes herself sitting in front of a lake, watching a group of children play on a boat. Darla visits Amanda at the facility but Amanda shushes her when she tries to speak, explaining that the “long boy” can hear them. In Amanda’s mind, a group of people covered in plastic turn to look at her. She explains “it’s hungry” and that she’s “a double” and that’s why she’s still here. Darla looks confused.

Lisey calls Dashmiel to confront him about Jim’s threats. Dashmiel explains how he knows Dooley and insists he said “no violence” and begs her not to call the police. Dashmiel calls Dooley to talk to him but his number is disconnected.

In a flashback, Jim and Dashmiel meet in a bar for the first time. Dashmiel tells Jim his insights on Scott Landon from the fan website were impressive for a non-academic and asks if he can get a few quotes for his book. Jim asks Dashmiel if he has a wife and when Dashmiel says yes Jim tells him to “be careful”.

Darla explains to Dr. Alberness, explaining things she said like “Hollyhocks” and “Long boy”. Darla explains that when she and Amanda were young, they would pretend to be on a pirate ship - the Hollyhocks- and look for gold. The doctor suggests that maybe “long boy” is from Scott’s imagination instead.

Lisey recalls a memory of herself many years before, returning to her apartment and listening to a message from Scott, telling her that he sold his first book and that he’s taking her out to dinner with the advance money. Before going out to dinner, Darla calls Lisey to remind her about Amanda’s birthday and chastises her for neglecting her family. Scott shows up late, explaining that he lost track of time having a few celebration beers. Lisey is furious and tells him to sleep on the couch. Scott tells her he can fix this in two minutes and he runs outside.

In the flashback, Scott starts banging his arm against a window. He remembers a time in his life when his dad was screaming at him. His dad tells him “Go to Booya Moon” and mutters to himself that “they don’t just shut up”. Scott’s arm is bleeding and Scott tells Lisey he fixed it and that “it’s for you, Lisey”. He explains what a “blood bool” is but Lisey is confused. In bed, Scott tells Lisey they ought to get married and buy a house. Lisey tells him he’s going to be so successful.

In the same flashback, Lisey knocks on the door and sees the water running in the sink. She shouts out Scott’s name. Scott is in what looks like another world- the same one from Amanda’s mind. He gets into the lake. Lisey turns the water off in her bathroom and sees Scott laying in bed. She asks him where he went and he doesn’t respond. In the morning, Scott makes breakfast and shows Lisey how his cuts have healed. Lisey agrees to marry Scott and they kiss. She asks him if he got up in the middle of the night and he says no.

In present, Lisey looks at a framed photo of her and Scott posing with his first publisher’s check. On the back of the frame, she sees the third clue from the Bool Hunt- an ad for mouthwash with the word “Doctor’s” circled. Lisey calls Dr. Alberness to ask him if Scott signed his book, believing that Scott may have left her a message in one. He goes to get his signed book and is shocked to see a clue inside that reads “Cedar box, fourth clue, Bool.”

Jim Dooley stands outside of Lisey and Scott’s old house and talks to the new house owner. He taunts him for having “TV eyes” and the owner tells him to get out of here. Dooley asks if he has a wife and when the home owner says “no” Jim says “good” and “stay single”.

Lisey is at the police station, where they explain that Dooley is currently unreachable by email and phone but that officers are looking for his car. Lisey asks the officer if Scott might have predicted this would happen and try to warn her, but the officer says unlikely.

Jim walks up to Lisey’s house and breaks in. He microwaves Lisey’s pet bird. When Lisey gets home, she puts her hand in the mailbox and accidentally touches the bloody, dead bird. She’s horrified. She sees a letter on her door and puts it in her pocket. She runs to grab the shovel and sits waiting but he never comes back. She then gets a pair of tongs and goes to the mailbox to pull out the dead, bloody bird.

The police come and read out the letter Jim left for her, in which he describes that he would like to microwave her too. They suggest she relocate but Lisey says no so the police ask if she would consider getting a firearm. Darla suggests that Amanda has one Lisey could use. Lisey insists “no gun” so the police tell her that a unit will remain parked in front until Jim is found. Darla tells Lisey she’s crazy to stay. Lisey asks Darla if Amanda has their mom’s cedar box but Darla doesn’t know. Lisey asks if she would ask her.

At night, Lisey looks in her pool and sees a reflection of the forest. She repeats to herself, “it’s not real”.

Amanda talks to a woman in her mind and repeats “I don’t want to be here” but she tells her to be quiet because “he” will hear her. Then the woman tells her she needs to think about why she killed all those people. Many other people are seen sitting around the steps near the lake.

In Lisey’s pool, an image of a monster appears right as Lisey turns her back.





"I don’t need a creative drunk in my life because I have enough problems as it is."
―Lisey to Scott
"You’re my heart, kiddo."
―Scott to Lisey
"All Landons are fast healers. We had to be."