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Al Timotheus Al Timotheus 7 September

Cain Rose Up - Extended Ending Idea

Garrish shoots at the boy, and misses. Then, the police come and break into his room, drawing their weappms on him. Garrish gives them the impression of surrendering and lets one officer approach him, but just as the officer is about to cuff him, Garrish repeats "Good God, let's eat," before blanky shooting himself in the head.

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Ziggy46172 Ziggy46172 22 August


Sheer minecraft gameplay be like:

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 7 August

Sussy baka!!!!11111!!1111!1! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 20 July

why did i post this?

North of the Island, there lives a dear old train,
A little tram engine, Toby is his name.
He's quaint and old fashioned, but careful and wise.
His coach is Henrietta and she’s seen better days.
His mind keeps returning to the good old days
When they were busy working everyday.
But nobody rides with them nowadays.
They can't understand why things have changed.
Their line is closing down today, forever.
Toby, oh Toby,
What will become of you?
The world's much nicer whenever we see you.
Toby, dear Toby,
There's still lots that you can do
Oldies but Goldies, we still care about you.
All of the children came to say goodbye
They clapped and cheered as Toby rang his bell, "Bye bye."
Everyone was sad to see them go
Whatever will they do, and where will they go?
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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 1 July

thomas roasts henry (thomas and friends)

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 16 June

Hyptek disaster

A power plant that is 61 miles away from the Youtube Power Plant exploded, spreading radiation to Brookhaven, Adopt Island, Meep Island, Lucella, TDS Town, Hyptek City and nearly destroyed the game "Action!" Many reports of radiation from the explosion in Youtube and Minecraft have been seen by hazmat units, as a result this got far worse in FANDOM as reported by major evacuations.

  • 1 Blowout
  • 3 Countries and U.S States affected by the explosion range
  • 4 Websites affected by the blast
  • 5 Games affected by the blast
  • 6 What should you use as your profile after the blast?
  • 7 ???
  • 8 THE END of the page

This is issued by the robloxian government. Please evacuate the site. Explosion range at 200,000

Radiation is spre…

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 15 June

Derail Files Extras (My YT Channel) (Derail Files 18) ("A subway train crashes into a forbidden object because the driver of the train was drunk, leading to the crash.." )

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 5 June

basicallly a rickroll blog

(check out the livestream i made: Example

check out my new blog, it's related!


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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 5 June

mine diamonds (or netherite)

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 29 May

Speedrun test 1

Welcome to the speedrun test! This is a test blog.


This is a speedrun test

TIME SPENT: 1 hour, 21 minutes and 80 seconds

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 29 May


Imagine you are watching, then THOVIS (Thomas, but with legs) comes out of nowhere.

Very first YTP BLOG!

A day when Thomas grew legs, an alarm called. The militaries of the United Kingdom, The United States, Canada, Russia. China and some weak nations are sent to Sodor for battle. More panic and riots happen in Sodor, Thomas was on a rampage.

All TV characters and others we're drafted. A few weeks later something worse happens...

Hollywood premieres "James the Bond 005". The movie shows James the Red Engine as the main character of the movie.

Stan Pines shoots a rocket launcher at Thomas (THOVIS)' face. this results in Stan Pines getting kicked to the Sodor General Hospital. A patient screams as Stan…

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 20 May

Branchline Subway Map of Derry, Maine

You can find the map of it here: (I made this metro map on Metro Map Maker)

Narrow gauge map:

REMEMBER, THE MAP IS NOT CANON! (Standard Gauge) (Narrow Gauge)

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 11 May

hI sTiLl DePrEsSeD, iM dAd!

Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad! Hi still depressed, I'm Dad!

When I typed in "I'm still depressed", the Dad bot said: "Hi still depressed, I'm Dad!" It was hilarious. Get dad bot in your server lol

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If my haters started WW3 in a nutshell


Barnacles! What could be worse than attacking Brunei (plays both sides, an ally of the USA)?!


Oh, I know! [takes war out of his pocket, dips it eagerly into his own can of war, and blows out a war against Russia and it's allies] Two giant paint bubbles!



[The two sides merge together to form one colossal alliance, known as the Ziggy Treaty Organization]




Yeah, Malaysia?


I don't think this alliance can get much countries!


Nonsense! [starts sending more countries to the alliance even more with a UN peacekeeping force]




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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 24 April


On January 1st, you announce that you have successfully brought down the FANDOM company. The world watches as you push a button on a press conference.

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 23 April

A Brief War (An AI Dungeon Blog.)

As conflict begins, Some countries get revolts, civil wars and men disappearing in jungle colonies. Can you guess what is on the side of life?

In the far out land of Calabarzon, a revolution starts in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. These we're Christian rebels, and attacked the whole city. The people are so angry that they kill all the soldiers and burn down the city. You invade Parksville, Imus. You march through the streets of Parksville, killing everyone you see. They don't even have guns here! You've got this! But realize there's something wrong with your plan. You invade Lagonoy. You move your forces to Lagonoy, and the townsfolk just comply. They have no will to fight back, despite being unarmed. What kind of soldiers are you? You i…

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 19 April


You are Russiaball! You are badass, you love drink vodka, you don't like USAball, you don't speak English correctly (as all the countryballs that don't speak English) and you "can into space".

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 14 April

YEET, ANOTHER MEME. Most of this site hates me so i made this meme

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 11 April

Soyuz 37 Interkosmos (Soviet Union and Soviet Derry)

So you know the movie I made in Vyond (formerly GoAnimate), The mission had a Derry citizen that was part of the Denbrough Family, Zack Denbrough had a lung disease after the reentry capsule had damage from Apollo 68, which had a Filipino astronaut, had collided with the Docking module, the debris hit the left side, causing 2 soviet kosmonauts to be depressurized, but, the door broke open during reentry, causing the some smoke to fill up the capsule along with 14% of oxygen. The Derry kosmonaut died after the lungs caught a smoke disease. The capsule instead crashed in Busan, South Korea. This is the first time a Soyuz soviet capsule hit too hard in a capitalist country.

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 3 April

Hmm yes. A Stephen King IT meme. You can only access the meme on Imgflip.

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 28 March

Ayo. I'm in Newgrounds. Here. have some countryball comics.

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 26 March

A filipino saying a tagalog bad word to FLAMGO

Here's the video:

I own nothing.

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 21 March


Disclaimer: Some parts of these flags are from Wikipedia. I don't own some of the flag parts.

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 17 March

Derry flag and motto

Alright. this is the flag of Derry and its motto. The motto has two languages, English and Russian. because the Soviets attacked the independent republic, The motto has a second language, called Russian. The meaning of the emblem of the flag is the North Star, located in Alaska, other US states and countries.

The meaning of the seal is exactly unity, peace, and prosperity.

The meaning of the colors of the flag are: Red for bloodshed, and White for peace and unity.

In August 3 1829, the flag was made by Sterlin Hatfield (1813-1831), and he was a high schooler that time. he was on a flag contest, he made the flag using fabric and sewing the together, and he won. Then the flag was made official by the Maine government on August 8. In 1934, when…

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 7 March


"We must save the West Philippine Sea!" said America, fighting with Iran, (Bill wurtz?)

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 2 February

bill wurtz meme

Ayo! Today I will show you a... BILL WURTZ MEME!

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The345bob The345bob 15 January


Does anyone ship Reddie? (Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak)?

I know i do

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 14 December 2020


Anschluss form: Becomes Master Freddy Republictangle and anschlusses Adminballs. Moderatorballs are also anschlussed in this process.

Panic and chaos may begin in San Francisco if shooting down the HQ of Fandom so this process will happen during war.

If I nuked the Fandom Headquarters does the panic and chaos too.

That's all. I will show that form :)

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Jas2005xoxo Jas2005xoxo 11 December 2020

Belch huggins

Belch is so underrated the whole bowers gang is but out of everyone belch is the most and it sucks bc he's one of my fav. character..

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Dt3426 Dt3426 16 November 2020

poopy head

if you read this you will know that R+E is Richie Tozier and Eddie Kasprick they like each other but then Eddie dies the end

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 14 November 2020

Personal Information


Smart Communications
Smart Communications
None detected
Wireless Broadband
Likely Static IP

Metro Manila
Quezon City
14.6736  (14° 40′ 24.96″ N)
121.0229  (121° 1′ 22.44″ E)
Postal Code:
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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 12 November 2020

Emergency Meeting (roleplay in comments)

  1. Do not swear.
  2. Do not say real life names.
  3. Add kill images if you want to act sus during the meeting or dead body reported: (Template)
  4. Last but not least have fun!

  • Say emergency meeting in the comments (only for meetings)
  • Say DEAD BODY REPORTED in the comments (only for reporting)
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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 9 November 2020

My image pack (for Hurricanes Wiki)

I will give you the link, copy the link in the title and make the pages. For making the pages For downloading the files

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KurieIs A1203Guy KurieIs A1203Guy 3 October 2020

Derry Airlines

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 21 September 2020

Kaneki International Speedway

Kaneki International Speedway is a speedway in Tokyo, Japan which the tie-breaker race began in 2012, the speedway has larger ascend to descend curves, pit stops, and a bigger host area and fans area, and a infield fans area which is also the same as Derry Maine International Speedway , which the map was a bit same, and the movie is The Eastern Derry, where it also takes place in Japan.

  • 1 Map 
  • 2 The final lap crash
  • 3 Crash in the final lap (NEW! revealing crash on what's in the movie)
  • 4 What i am making next

The map shows a full infield fans area, a bigger fans area, and a huge host area, and pitstops, and the track.

The track does not have a memorial like the Derry Maine International Speedway due to the race had only 3 cars being driven.

While (sec…

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 21 September 2020

Derry Maine International Speedway

Derry Maine International Speedway is a speedway that shows up in the movie called The Eastern Derry which takes place in the eastern corner of Derry, which has a racetrack in it, back in 2006, a crash called the Massive One involved thousands of racers in the track, and the memorial of the crash was created in 2009 due to some of the drivers died.

  • 1 Map and International Tour
  • 2 Video Tour (WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK.)
  • 3 Map
  • 4 What this speedway is based on
  • 5 Crash (Video revealing what is based on the crash)
  • 6 Next blog:

The map has a Oval like race track with pit-stops with curved ascend to descend curves which are not available on the tour video, The tour video shows a Martinsville Speedway like raceway without the hosting area to show the tie-breaker, …

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 13 September 2020

United States Navy Ships of the Derry, Maine Class

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 13 September 2020

I have now twiiter

Hey guys i have now twitter! use this link for further advice.

Follow me on twitter or else... X Plane 12 will not release (it is just a joke no worries)

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 25 August 2020

Aviation Accidents in Fiction Cities of Maine

10. Derry Airlines Flight 291 (93/93 dead)

9. Georgie Airlines Flight 1623 (123/125 dead)

8. Bunny Air Flight 12 (6/6 dead)

7. DeviantArt Air Flight 80 (243/243 dead)

6. Derry Airlines Flight 265 (224/224 dead)

5. Billy Air Flight 004 (261/261 dead)

4. TSP Potion Transport Flight 632 (4/4 dead)

3. Videoland Airlines Flight 632 (62/62 dead)

2. Georgie ManilaAir Flight 756 (81/81 dead)

1. Derry Airlines Flight 006 (1005/1005 dead)

3. Air Maine Airways Flight 88 (75/75 dead)

2.  RoyalWoods Air Flight 23 (13/13 dead)

1. Air Maine Airways Flight 819 (74/74 dead)

5. 2005 Tsunami Hunter crash (17/17 dead)

4. Salt River City mid-air collision (73/73+24/24 dead)

3. Ziggy Airlines Flight 182 (93/93 dead)

2. Raziel Cargo Airlines Flight 991 (3/3 dead)

1. Amma Beach A…

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Soccerlaney13 Soccerlaney13 8 May 2020

New Stephen King Fan

I've only been a fan of his work for not even a year and I already love it. My collection of his work is slowly growing. I went from 2 books and 2 movies 7 movies and from 2 books to 6 books in about a month. I can't wait to fully dive into this amazing authors works and I'm so excited to see all of the different characters grow and develop. 

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 20 April 2020

List of typhoons and hurricanes in Youtube,s Continent Video season by 2010-2020

  • 1 2010 Season
  • 2 2011 Season
  • 3 2012 Season
  • 4 2013 Season
  • 5 2014 Season
  • 6 2015 Season
  • 7 2016 Season
  • 8 2017 Season
  • 9 2018
  • 10 2019
  • 11 2020

  1. Hurricane Two
  2. Hurricane Pax (deadly)
  3. Hurricane Ninja
  4. Typhoon Fight

  1. Hurricane Redbear
  2. Typhoon Hauntedbear (deadly)
  3. Hurricane Sandwich
  4. Hurricane Fe (deadly)

  1. Typhoon Laska (deadly)
  2. Typhoon Demon
  3. Typhoon Nector

  1. Typhoon Four Hand Boys
  2. Hurricane Plague (deadly)
  3. Typhoon Humdinger

  1. Typhoon Coupler
  2. Typhoon Derry (deadly)
  3. Hurricane Soldier

  1. Hurricane Alask
  2. Typhoon Land
  3. Typhoon Rust
  4. Typhoon Fire (deadly)

  1. Hurricane Six

  1. Hurricane Geiries
  2. Typhoon Georgie (deadly)

  1. Hurricane Billy
  2. Hurricane Losers
  3. Hurricane Bowers (deadly)

  1. Hurricane Explosion
  2. Hurricane Hater (deadly)

  1. Hurricane Sneezing Fish
  2. Hurricane Pandy (deadly)
  3. Typhoon Walter (deadly)

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 13 April 2020

List of pandemics in the new continent in the world by case and death

USN - 767,178 - 18,299

UNF - 12,282  - 12993

EOL - 2883 - 828

OHCS - 2828 - 9

DRORC - 1736 - 663

Videoland Islands - 122,162

Derry - 179,092 - 16,278

Castlerock - 166,276 - 11,222

Amma Beach - 177,267,300 - 1883

Bangor - 138,277 - 192

Gachaverse - 277 - 12

Gacha Studio - 881 - 1

Gacha Chibi - 22 - 18

Gacha Life - 12 - 6

COD - 122,182 - 122


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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 13 April 2020

List of Rail disasters in Videoland by death toll

  1. Westinghouse Bridge derailment - 171
  2. Union Circle derailment - 5 
  3. Maben County derailment - 198 (DNR or Derry National Railways)
  4. Roblox St wreck - 883 (Since 1994 the deaths are 77)
  5. Tozier Tunnel wreck - 128
  6. Derry Airport Terminal 1 crash - 13
  7. Jaspergenia County derailment - 273
  8. Malaria St. Derailment - 172
  9. Pax St. Derailment - 138
  10. Lance St. derailment - 193
  11. Bloom St. derailment - 191
  12. Logan St. derailment - 2882
  13. Paneski St. derailment - 138 (YRT or Youtube Rail Transit Line 3)
  14. Poncheski St. derailment - 1932 (DRT or Derry Rail Transit Line 1)
  15. Palenstanieski Station derailment - 1362 (MDRT or Mass Derry Rail Transit Line 2)

List of Pandemics in the new continent in the world by death toll

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 12 April 2020

Deadliest Maritime Disasters in Videoland

  • 1 MV Princess of the States
  • 2 RMS Funtanic
  • 3 MS Grand Prince
  • 4 SS Derry
  • 5 SS Kea
  • 6 MV Kainoma Train
  • 7 Making Next

While the MV Priness of the States goes to Maine Port at May 2 1999, Typhoon Pennywise sent a tsunami at a strong rainy night at 3:33am till the tsunami hits the starboard side and the ship sunk, killing 19 and injuring 17.

While the Funtanic sails for Maine port in 1883 It suddenly hits a rock on V Island,Maben County,Minecraft State, till it sank and listed starboard ending up killing 1000 people and 53 youtubers.

During December 17 2017, A huge wave from Typhoon Poltergeist hits the port side,causing 18 dead and 8236 injuried at the capsized ship and it was upside down, till it sank upright.

On September 8 2020, SS Derry struck a reef first …

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 4 April 2020

2020 Derry Lockdown

  • 1 Lockdown information
  • 2 Disease 
  • 3 Look
  • 4 Trivia

President of Maine,Gare Denfargh decided to lock down the states of Maine the lockdowned places of Maine were Bangor, Castlerock, and Derry, Derry still got locked down till April 19,Bangor got locked down till May 28,and Castlerock got locked down till June 1.

The disease that caused the lockdown was the Denbrough Disease 2017 and the disease was first made in 2016

When the losers club fought pennywise and at 2017, spreading began and on 2020,the lockdown begun and start containing the DENBROUGHD-17 on Decemer 16 2021, the virus was contained.

Check the picture to see what Neibolt St. Looks like during the lockdown.

  • The lockdown was scheduled to end on June 13,2020 but scheduled to end on April 13.

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 31 March 2020

My movies

  • 1 Red world: the movie plot
  • 2 Extra Scenes
  • 3 Jenny Feelings the movie plot
  • 4 Extra Scenes
  • 5 Trivia

While Path452 finds a game called red world, he gets teleported back to the start so many times and got caught by enemies in the red world maze,Will Path452 survive or be part of Red World,s enemies?

Soorethian - Scene 9

T05DVUJaUkdWRlpMVEJR - Scene 10

Wistful - Scene 11

Return to Red world - Scene 12

teaser red world - Scene 13

While Path452 visits a player called Jenny_Feelings,He played the cold cold future and the Feelings game till Path was taken into a game called Bedroom...... and sees Jenny spazzing her dead body around the bedroom.

Same as red world

  • Yes,the movies are made by me.
  • Red world was made by REID_STYR
  • Feelings, AKA The End is made by Jenny_Fee…

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DrwuburnapIII DrwuburnapIII 29 February 2020

The 4th Homophobe

I don't really see why they added a 4th prick. Hopefully we get to see him and the other three arrested in the director's cut, I heard Andy Muschietti was filming unmade scenes. Then again maybe i'm getting my hopes up high. (Also as a side note, wtf is a scuzzah?)

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Master Freddy 9352 Master Freddy 9352 15 January 2020

My Vault Edits

Today is the day is i will show you the two vaults,Vault 28 and Vault 2017 instead of the footages,i will show you the text.

  • 1 Vault 2017
    • 1.1 Opened
    • 1.2 Shutdown
  • 2 Information
    • 2.1 Created By
    • 2.2 Contains
  • 3 Access
    • 3.1 Accessed by
  • 4 First Mention Edit
  • 5 SCP attacks 12 residents on Denbrough House Footage Edit
  • 6 NOTE (READ!) Edit
  • 7 Vault 28
  • 8 First Mention Edit
  • 9 Teletubby from Robloxtubbies:Revived attacks 3 players footage (Text only) Edit
  • 10 Lobby Room Footage (TEXT ONLY) Edit
  • 11 Corrupted Tree Footage Edit
  • 12 Note (PLEASE READ!) Edit

2017 September 8

NOT YET!!!!!!


Child ParanormalHacks Exploits

Some Other People

It was mentioned by the Losers Club as someone said "EVIL IS OPERATING IN THEIR EYES" as said by a player in IT Roleplay and it starts its construct…

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Jaedenwesley Jaedenwesley 4 December 2019

i dont know how to work this website

i do NOt know why im here but hello. its me jarden.

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Trashytoizer Trashytoizer 3 December 2019

i might try to do something regularly idk

sooo i might try to put up a funny story regurly. of course i wont put real names. i love referances so ill just give my friends a name. if anyone reads this and likes the idea tell me please!

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