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Blank Pages is the third episode of the CBS All Access adaptation of The Stand. It aired on December 28, 2020.


Mother Abagail selects a surprising voice to be her conduit to her chosen committee in Boulder: the young deaf man Nick Andros. The arrival of a disturbing visitor to the Boulder Free Zone, shakes the Committee and Boulder residents to their core. Elsewhere in the Free Zone, Nadine Cross is haunted by a childhood memory.


A woman is in a hallway listening to music, whilst a few girls play with a Ouija board.

The planchette starts drawing. Nadine Cross, has her name written on the paper. The thing goes crazy, and the girls are screaming but nobody is helping. 'Nadine will be my queen' is the message carved in the hardwood floor. She's been chosen by Randall Flagg.

Larry and Stu are bickering while walking on the road when a yellow sports car drives past. A young man opens the door and falls out. He's a bloody mess. He's come from Law Vegas. His wrists are sliced open. The guy wakes up and begins to speak. "He's coming" is the message.

Nadine is looking at herself in the mirror. She's very sad. She's getting ready for her day, pretending to smile, trying to fit in. She finds Larry under the bed, hiding in the mattress. He doesn't want to go to school. Nadine was running after Joe when she met Larry.

Nadine is going to be the teacher at the Boulder Free Zone school. She's just trying to give the kids a little sense of normalcy, she says when asked what she'll be teaching.

Teddy and Harold are preparing the schoolroom, and Teddy thinks since the world is in shambles, he might have a chance with Nadine, the hottest woman left in the world. Frannie gets an ultrasound.

In a flashback, Frannie and Harold on the road. He goes off and Stu wanders up. He'd been following them. He hasn't seen anybody in a while, but the conversation doesn't go all that great. Harold isn't pleased with the intrusion.

Harold wants to be 100% sure of Stu, but Frannie doesn't want to do that. Harold is jealous of Stu's good looks. He gives Frannie an ultimatum. Throw in with Stu or stick with him. Frannie tells Stu good luck, and they part.

Stu and Larry come bustin' into the medical compound with the cut man. Mother Abigail's deaf sidekick, Nick, comes with a note, knowing that the fellow came from Vegas. Mother Abigail knew he was coming.

Nick remembers being beaten by some guy because he's deaf. Nick was first welcomed by Flagg. Nick was his first choice for a right-hand man. He gives Nick hearing and promises speech while also taking away his eye. All he asks in return is for him to worship the ground that he walks on. Nick gives him the finger.

Nick wakes up in the hospital without an eye, surrounded by dead people. A man calls to Nick trying to get his attention. It's the guy who beat him. Nick wanders away and returns with a wet cloth to bathe the man.

Stu finds a dog on his travels. Except the dog isn't alone. He's with Glen Bateman, and his name is Kojak. With all the guns around, everyone is concerned about getting shot.

Glen asks if Stu likes caviar, and they're back in his pad for a terrific meal. Stu is pretty impressed with caviar. Both Glen and Stu lost their wives well before the virus hit, and neither had kids. They start talking philosophically about what has happened. Glen has all kinds of ideas.

Nick dreamed about Mother Abigail. She told him to come find her. In his dream, he was whole. Tom Cullen met Nick in the hospital. He began a long diatribe that Nick cannot hear. He tries again to talk with him and finally understands. He's seen Mother Abigail too. She told him where to find Nick.

Larry, Nadine, and Joe are at a baseball stadium. Joe likes the music. He picks up the guitar and plays the same song that Larry was just strumming. Joe takes the guitar and walks away.

At Glen's place, Stu realizes that Glen has been seeing Mother Abigail, too. He's painted her. Now they're really shocked that this is happening. Stu is even more shocked to see Fran in one of his paintings. Glen is having dreams about a lot more than Mother Abigail.

Mother Abigail is annoyed. Glen is supposed to talk to Nick and not her.

MA goes to the crucified one and holds his hand. He wakes up and breathes heavily. He dreamed of her. He comes from a bad place, an awful place. He talks about Flagg, who isn't a man at all. He's got all kinds of names, he says. At first, everyone was grateful, but then slaves were incorporated.

He was crucified by Flagg's men. Flagg sent this guy as a message. He is overtaken by whatever right there before Mother Abigail. Birds begin flying into the window and committing suicide. Dude is possessed by Flagg. He warns her to pray God takes her before his boots can be heard on her steps.

Nadine is reaching out to Flagg. She doesn't like Boulder because she can't feel him there. But Flagg needs her there to be his eye. She's so lonely. She wants her to kill the witch and the five puppets in charge there. He's already found the weapon. He just needs her to pull the trigger. Joe walks in.

She had written Harold Lauder, and he is the weapon, it seems. Teddy and Harold are tasked with disposing of the message carrier.



Guest Starring


  • Nyla Alleyne as Amanda
  • Isla Crerar as Young Nadine
  • Briar Diallo as Isabella
  • Alexis Paige Dixon as Jesse
  • Brandyn Eddy as Vince
  • TJ Kayama as Heck
  • Tarun Keram as Steve
  • Kim Kondrashoff as Sheriff Baker
  • Jasmine Lukuku as Lacy
  • Myles McCarthy as Booth



  • The planchette game that Nadine finds and uses in her Boulder home is a “Taduz Planchette.” Taduz Lemke is the main antagonist in Thinner.


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