Betty Ripsom Missing Poster

Betty Ripsom was a 14-year-old (13 years old in IT 2017) girl who sadly died at the hands of (IT). Her death was planned by the creature (IT), with (IT) tormenting her parents two weeks before her disapearence. Little voices came from the kitchen sink, speaking to Mrs. Ripsom, She finally gained the strength to respond to the voices. The voices responded back saying, “Our Name is Legion.” This is a reference to a bible quote, the full quote being "I am Legion, and we are many." The quote is said by the Devil.

Almost a year later after Betty’s Disappearance(Death), Betty Ripsom's Father was doing the dishes late at night and he heard his dead child’s voice, floating out of the kitchen sink.

Other details of her death and past are not explained in the (IT) Novel, Mini-Series, or (2017) adaptation.

Although she isn’t seen dead and her mother was searching for her along with officer Butch Bowers and his partner, she does appear to have her lower torso ripped off in the (2017) film. While the Losers' Club were finding Georgie's body in the sewers from the Barrens, they found Betty's sneaker. When Patrick entered the Barrens to search for Ben, he discovered Betty as a zombie. She was mentioned by Bill that she was might be forgotten because Eddie Corcoran was missing (killed by IT). An apparition of Betty appears on the television when Henry kills Butch, encouraging Henry to "kill them all".

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