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"It's a job. I make Money."
—Belch to Henry

Reginald "Belch" Huggins is one of Henry Bower's friends and a minor character in IT. He is played by Drum Garrett in the miniseries and Jake Sim in the film adaptation.

He was very big for his age, standing 6 feet tall and weighing 170 pounds at 12 years old.


He had gotten his nickname because he was able to articulate belches of amazing length and loudness. He was the only kid to hit a home run over the fence at the back of the Tracker Brothers' lot. He once kicked kid named Owen Phillips in the seat of his pants for laughing at him when he got hit in the head with a baseball. Not much is known about his parents, although it's mentioned in the novel that his father is dead. He also has a part-time job delivering the Weekly Shopper. He was described to have a Yankee baseball cap, but his outfit wasn't described. It was unknown if he wore sneakers or at the very least wore engineer boots like Henry or Vic.

Ben Hanscom and the Barrens

On the last day of school Belch, Henry, a Victor Criss catch Ben Hanscom walking home from the library and antagonize him for not letting Henry copy his test. Belch and Vic hold Ben's arms as Henry threatens him with a Buck knife. At first none of the boys really expect Henry to use the knife but when Henry actually cuts Ben's stomach Belch screams "Jeezum-crow Henry don't really cut 'im!" Before Henry is able to finish, Ben kicks Henry in the belly and flees into the Barrens. While the three bullies look for Ben they come across Bill Denbrough and Eddie Kaspbrak. Henry, Victor, and Belch kick apart the dam they were building and leave.

The Junkyard

On one late July afternoon, Henry, Victor, Belch and a sociopathic boy named Patrick Hockstetter were down at the Junkyard (where they had blown up some M-80's on the day of the rock fight) lighting their own farts with Henry's lighter. After a brief argument, Belch and Victor both leave, having chores to do back at home. Little did the two boys realize what was going to come next down at the Junkyard if they had not left earlier that day.


Belch, Victor, and Henry follow the Losers into the sewer where they encounter It in the shape of Frankenstein's monster. The monster decapitated Victor and sent his flying head into the stonework of the sewer. Belch stepped in front of the monster when it lurched at Henry. Belch tried to fight but it peeled off the left side of his face down to the skull.

In the Miniseries, Belch holds Stan for Henry. A pipe then breaks and the deadlights come out of it which raise Belch and twist him in half, the deadlights then pull him into the open pipe where he is killed.

A deleted scene from the 2017 film shows Henry cut Belch's and Victor's throats.

1985 ("Christine")

While serving time in Juniper Hill, Henry begins to hear voices from the moon, including Belch's voice, as well as the Losers' voices, one by one. Later on the novel, It picks up Henry in a 1958 Plymouth Fury (a direct reference to the novel, Christine) with Belch's re-animated corpse behind the wheel. During the ride, Henry apologizes to Belch for leaving him to die that day in the sewers.

In the 1990 film, It appears in Juniper Hill taking the form of Belch, talking to a full-grown Henry Bowers, where he encourages Henry to escape to seek vengeance upon the Losers. Henry speaks to Belch, only to be quieted by a guard. "Belch" then says Henry does not need to speak, for he can communicate telepathically. Through thoughts, Henry is convinced to attack the Losers. It then helps Henry escape by taking on the form of a Doberman Pinscher to attack an orderly who tried to thwart Henry's flight to freedom.



"I ran into the Hockstetter's dad the other day. He said he still hasn't heard anything."
―Belch to Henry about talking to Mr. Hockstetter for Patrick's whereabouts [src]
―Belch to Losers Club before he was hit by Beverly with a rock[src]
"if he had not died that summer, he might have grown to six-six or better, and might have learned along the way how to maneuver his outsized body through a world of smaller denizens. He might even, Eddie thought, have learned gentleness."
―Eddie remembering Belch in the Tracker Brothers field in 1985[src]


  • Belch Huggins' role in IT 2017 is almost similar to Norma Watson in Carrie 1976 because they are very loyal to their leaders (Henry Bowers and Chris Hargensen) and the fact of having a cap in which they never take it off.
  • Due to his death scene in the 2017 film being cut (along with no mention in the 2019 film) it's unknown if he and Vic are canonically dead in the films universe. However, in the scene where Henry is washed into the Barrens, there is a dismembered corpse with him that appears to be wearing the shirt Belch was wearing in his deleted death scene. When Henry emerges fully, there seems to be a blonde-haired corpse behind him that could be Vic
  • He seems to take Vic's place as the least sadistic bully in the 2017 film, as he was the only one who had a problem with Henry cutting Ben's stomach.