Barry the Chink is an antagonist in Doctor Sleep and member of The True Knot. His rube name is Barry Smith, and is completely Caucasian. He has a 'locator ability' that is relatively strong, so Rose the Hat trusts him on missions for abductions, whether for feeding on Steam or for Turnings. He was along when they abducted Snakebite Andi and was the one to personally abduct Bradley Trevor, driving a WanderKing. It was the fact that he had put on Trevors glove that helped lead Abra Stone to him. He was apart of the small part sent to abduct Abra, to work as the locator, but he died of measles before reaching her. Abra mistakes his name for "Barry the Chunk". In the film his role was greatly diminished, though he still put on Baseball Boys glove, allowing the True to be tracked.

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