Avery Dixon is a character from The Institute. Like most children in the book, he was kidnapped by The Institute and taken there for experiments.


Avery was a timid boy who often got bullied at school and didn’t have many friends. Avery was also highly telekinetic, which prompted The Institute to kidnap him. Upon realising he was kidnapped, he explored The Institute corridors, shouting for help and met Luke Ellis and Kalisha Benson. Avery grew close to Luke and helped Luke escape. Upon Julia Sigsby discovering that Avery had assisted Luke escape, Julia ordered for Avery to be dunked and tortures in the immersion tank, not caring if Avery died. Avery helped the children power up together and also helped Kalisha, Nicky, George and Helen escape The Institute. With the help of his power and the children’s power, they were able to lift up Front Half of The Institute and send it crashing down on the other section of The Institute, completely destroying the place as well as killing Avery, the children and any staff remaining inside or on top of the building.

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