Angela "Angie" McCain (d. October 21, Year of the Dome) was the daughter of LaDonna and Henry McCain, a waitress at Sweetbriar Rose, and a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine. She was the girlfriend of Frank DeLesseps, though she flirted heavily with her coworker Dale Barbara despite his lack of interest. She eventually accosted him near the dumpster behind the diner, and when he still rebuked her advance, she lied to DeLesseps by claiming that Barbara had raped her, leading DeLesseps, Junior Rennie, Carter Thibodeau and Melvin Searles to attack Barbara at Dipper's Roadhouse. McCain changed her story over the next several days, and ultimately recanted when Sheriff Howard Perkins put her in an interview room with Barbara.

On "Dome Day", she had just finished taking a shower when she heard her doorbell ring. Expecting her boyfriend, she headed over to the door in her bathrobe, ready to flash him... only to find Junior Rennie there instead. Junior went into a rage at seeing her (triggered by the pain in his head, and seeing her large teeth), and she ran from him, to call the police. Slowed down by tripping over a towel, she is grabbed by Junior, and bulldozed into the kitchen. After Junior slammed her into the table and the refrigerator, Angie looked for a weapon, but Junior anticipated her actions and kneed her in the face. This triggered a seizure - probably due to brain damage - and to quell the noise she was making, Junior strangled her. After her death, he cleaned up the mess and stored her in the pantry.[1]

Angie's corpse is later joined by that of her friend, Dodee Sanders. Junior spent a lot of his free time in the pantry with his "girlfriends", eventually molesting the corpses sexually. Junior later frames Dale Barbara for Angie's murder, along with the murders of Dodee, Lester Coggins, and Brenda Perkins.

She may be considered a twinner of Angie McAlister.


Notes and references

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