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This article pertains to the character as she appears in print. You may be looking for her small-screen counterpart.

Andrea Twitchell Grinnell (d. 26 Oct Year of the Dome) is a character in Under the Dome. She is the Third Selectman of Chester's Mill, Maine, the wife of Tommy Grinnell, and sister of Rose and Doug Twitchell.

Up until Dome Day, Andrea had essentially been a pawn of Big Jim Rennie. Years earlier, she had hurt her back and was taking Oxycontin for the pain. Big Jim used Andy Sanders, the owner of the local drug store, to leverage Andrea into submission, since Andy obeyed Jim without question, and Andrea feared that they would stop her drug supply.

After the dome came down, at a meeting of the town's Selectmen, Andrea had concerns that Big Jim was making the wrong choices. When she voiced her dissent to him, he countered, saying that her Oxycontin addiction was causing her to act out. He and Andy tried to bait her with the promise of increasing her prescription, and she conceded to them. This encounter, however, motivated her into eliminating her dependency on Oxycontin. After meeting with Rusty Everett, she formulated a plan to go "cold turkey". This left her in a very ill state, with severe gastric distress. When Brenda Perkins entrusted her with her husband Duke's evidence against Big Jim, Andrea was so distracted by her illness that she promptly forgot it.

It wasn't until after she had taken Julia Shumway in as a houseguest that Julia's dog Horace found the envelope containing Duke's evidence against Big Jim for Andrea. She read all that she could and formulated a plan to confront Jim at the town meeting that was planned to take place the next night. If he still refused to step down, she intended to kill him.

She was nearly over her detox when she went to the town meeting. She had dressed up, surprising everyone who saw her. When Jim began a rant blaming the dome on the American government (not to mention Dale Barbara), Andrea interrupted him and accused him of misleading the town for his own goals. Unfortunately, when she raised the envelope containing Duke's evidence, the effects of the detox caused her to drop her purse. When Aidan Appleton, sitting behind her, exclaimed "that lady has a gun!", Carter Thibodeau drew his own gun and started a panic. In the ensuing turmoil, Andrea was shot and killed, and Carter discretely collected Duke's evidence envelope.