André Linoge was the main antagonist of Stephen King's Storm of the Century. He was a 4000 year-old wizard who carried a cane with a silver wolf's head on top of it with him and was the one who terrorized the people of a small town of Little Tall Island off the coast of Maine during a massive blizzard in what was called "Storm of the Century".

He was portrayed by Colm Feore. He killed some people and caused others to commit suicide and knew some of the townspeople's darkest secrets. He even caused nightmares and was capable of killing the towns people while he was a prisoner at his own will. He also played with electronic machines and always said: "Give me what I want and I will go away".

All efforts to control him failed. He also enchanted the children and forced them to sleep with the help of a magic cane that he had, and, when Mike Anderson realized, how powerful he was and how he was the demon Legion that was described in the Bible, he conceded to his demand of a special reunion of the townspeople with everyone there, where he told them who he was and what he wanted.

What Linoge desired an heir, one of the eight children that he later enchanted, he revealed his true form (an impossibly ancient, dying man), explained that he was not immortal, nor a god, and needed someone to carry on his "work" once he could no longer do it himself. He stated that "in matters such as this" he could not simply take the child that he desired, but he could punish. If the town refused his request, he threatened to force them to march into the sea two-by-two, as he claimed to have done at Roanoke, Virginia, centuries before and, additionally, he would also kill the children. With that, he left them with one hour to make their decision. They decided to give him what he wanted in fear that he would fulfill his promise to kill them all despite of the resistance of the Constable, Mike Anderson. After that, a lottery was made by Linoge to determine what child he would have. For that, he took the mothers of the children to take eight stones, seven white and one black. Whoever took the black would have to give up her child.

The child that he wanted and which was later chosen was Ralph Anderson, the son of police chief Mike Anderson. Ralph went with him against the resistance of his parents and with the approval of the town and flew away with him.

After eight years, Ralph already was like Linoge and Mike had seen him with him, who both behaved like father and son.



  • Andre Linoge's last name spelled "Legion" which some of the townspeople including Mike Anderson believed to be the mythological demon of Biblical tradition.
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