Amber was played by Maria Conchita Alonso in The Running Man.

Amber is a music composer working for the Network. She lived in the apartment of Ben Richards´s brother, who was taken away for "reeducation". She becomes an unforeseen hostage of Ben Richards, who comes to her apartment believing his brother is there. She is a believer of the system despite of the fact, that many things she buys come from the black market and therefore believes the propaganda, that Ben RIchards is a mass murderer.

She frees herself from Richards in the airport, when he wanted to flee to Hawai with her. She doesn´t believe, that Richards is innocent, but, after seeing manipulated footage of the arrest of Richards, she is forced to rethink her beliefs. She sees him again in the Network and has to watch his accusing eyes forcing her to investigate for herself, what happened at Bakersfield and realises, that he was telling the truth. She is caught in the act and therefore sent to the game experiencing similar lies that Richards has been subjected to.

She is then sent to the game in order to be killed by the gladiators and is forced to join Richards and the others in their fight for their lives and later also joins the Resistance when they can find them nearby.

Noone knows until later that she managed to smuggle a tape, that proves Richard´s innocence to the Resistance, which is then later aired. The exposure of the game that turns to be a giant fraud and the tape leads the Network into trying to kill them all. It fails and exposes the Network even more.

After everything is finished, it comes out that Ben and Amber have fallen in love with each other in the meantime and after defeating the Network they go away together.


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