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Amanda Debusher Corriveau is a main character in Stephen King's story, Lisey's Story. In the 2021 Apple TV+ miniseries, she is portrayed by Joan Allen.


Lisey's Story Book

Amanda is the daughter of Dave Debusher, the sister of Lisa, Cantata, and Darla Debusher, the ex-wife of Charlie Corriveau, and the mother of Intermezzo Corriveau.

Lisey's Story Miniseries

Bool Hunt

In the beginning of the miniseries, Amanda calls Lisey, her little sister, on her office number to ask why she and Darla haven’t shown up for lunch yet. Amanda talks in anger about her ex, Charlie, who got remarried to a woman that he was seeing while he and Amanda were together. She seems to have a manic episode and smashes a mug. She starts to harm herself with the broken pieces.

Darla and Lisey show up to help but Amanda seems to be in a lifeless daze, staring at playing cards and at her bloody hands. Later on, Lisey asks Amanda how Scott was able to help her out of one of her previous episodes. Initially, she just asks for cocoa, but eventually tells Lisey that Scott gave her water from “the pool”. She then tells Lisey about a treasure hunt and that there are a series of clues that she needs to figure out. The first clue is the shovel Amanda says.

Lisey gets help, from Scott’s treasure hunt, from a doctor named Hugh Alberness who agrees to help Amanda. At the end of the first episode, Amanda gets into a van to presumably go to the medical facility where he will care for her.

Blood Bool

In a facility, Amanda sits in a daze. She visualizes herself sitting in front of a lake, watching a group of children (presumably herself and her sisters) play on a boat. Darla visits Amanda at the facility but Amanda shushes her when she tries to speak, explaining that the “long boy” can hear them. In the fantasy world she is visualizing, a group of people covered in plastic turn to look at her. She explains “it’s hungry” and that she’s “a double” and that’s why she’s still here. Darla looks confused.

Still in her daze, Amanda talks to a woman in the fantasy world and repeats “I don’t want to be here” but the woman tells her to be quiet because “he” will hear her. Amanda looks terrified.

Under the Yum-Yum Tree

Amanda wants to leave Boo'ya Moon, the fantasy world, but can’t figure out how. She even sees Scott in the world and screams to him for help but everyone around her continues to tell her to be quiet. In the medical facility, Amanda gets a pair of scissors when no one is looking and cuts her wrists. She writes on the wall in her blood “Help me Lisey”.

Jim Dandy

In a flashback, Amanda tells Lisey something has been off with Scott but that she doesn’t know what it is. She mentioned he had been off since before Thanksgiving.

The Good Brother

Amanda only appears briefly in this episode, sitting in Boo'ya Moon. When she sees Lisey jumping into the pool she whispers, “Lisey, be careful.”

Now You Must be Still

Amanda’s double is still stuck in Boo'ya Moon but Lisey comes to rescue her. Lisey goes to sit next to Amanda, who says her name. She writes “Do you still want to come home?” on a piece of paper. She then writes “Concentrate on Scott’s study.” Scott is also there and whispers “Amanda”. Lisey writes “I need you to HELP ME!” Amanda loudly exclaims “Bring me home Lisey, bring me home!”

Lisey drinks water in Boo'ya Moon and then goes to the medical facility where Amanda is. She asks Amanda how did Scott bring her back. She whispers “kissed me”. Lisey kisses her and water flows from her mouth into Amanda’s. Amanda wakes up, back to her normal self, and happily sobs as she hugs her sisters.

Amanda and her sisters convince Dr. Alberness to let her leave and he finally agrees. They leave and make a plan to kill Jim Dooley.

No Light, No Spark

Amanda and Darla go to help Lisey plan to take on Jim. Lisey asks Amanda how and why she is a “double” and Amanda claims she doesn’t know but she does know that she never wants to return to Boo’ya Moon.

After Jim enters Lisey’s house and they start fighting, Lisey calls out a safe word to alert her sisters to come and help. Amanda jumps on Jim but he pushes her off and knocks her unconscious.

Lisey’s Story

Amanda wakes up in Lisey’s house and doesn’t see Lisey or Jim, but assumes they’re fine in Boo’ya Moon. She is relieved when Lisey comes back safely and confirms that Jim is dead. They all decide to go out to dinner together.