Alice Maxwell was a teenage girl befriended by Clayton Riddell and Tom McCourt after the Pulse in the novel, Cell.

The trio traveled through the apocalyptic landscape of the story until her death at the hands of the "sprinter" Gunner, who threw a cinderblock at her, hitting the side of her head.

She died over the course of almost a day, mumbling incoherently and occasionally becoming possessed by The Raggedy Man to relay messages to Clay, with her friends watching over her.

She had a mother and a father, unnamed in the book, the former killed (or at least wounded) by Alice herself. The death of her father was not 100% confirmed, but she appeared sure of his demise and made peace with the thought of having dead parents.

Alice was versatile in many areas. She had some karate training, which saved her life when her mother became a phone-crazy; she also had some first-aid ability, as well as a motherly personality in which the rest of the group found some measure of comfort.

She was fifteen years old at the time of her death.

She was portrayed by Isabelle Fuhrman in the 2016 movie adaptation.


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