Ackerman's Field is a field in Maine, off of Route 117 and overlooking the Androscoggin River, that contains a rough circle of eight stones, ranging in height from three to five feet.


Reality has grown thin within the field, and the stones form a circle of protect around a point in space where various beings between worlds. One of the stones in the circle is weak, and can be removed by being looked at with the human eye; it can be replaced by being viewed through a lens of some kind, and can be locked more firmly in place by being touched.

N. discovered the Field in August of 2006 and assumed responsibility for the circle when he accidentally removed the eighth stone. Dr. John Bonsaint inherited responsibility for the field in June of 2007 after N.'s death, and Sheila Bonsaint may have inherited it following John's death until her own. It is possible, though unconfirmed, that Sheila and John's friend Charlie later assumed responsibility for the Field.

There is infact fields a mile south near the intersection of Maine rt-219 and river road, as mentioned in the graphic novil N. geocorodnets are 44.324756,-70.194849, and the closest adress is 16 River Rd Turner, ME 04282.



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