A Very Tight Place is a short story that has been published in the collection Just After Sunset.  


Curtis Johnson, a middle-aged gay gentleman, is lured to a deserted construction site by his neighbor, Tim Grunwald, with whom he's been having a legal dispute involving Curtis's beloved dog, Betsy, who was killed by Tim's electric fences. He is confronted by Tim who forces him into a Port-O-San, tips it over and leaves him trapped there in the heat of a Florida summer day to die. With no way to get help, Curtis must figure out how to escape or die. Eventually, after a long night asleep in the Port-O-San, Curtis discovers he can crawl through the toilet and into the tank where he can unscrew the bolts using Betsy's old dog tag. After a brief struggle, he gets out and makes his way to Tim's house, who is lounging in his hot tub. Curtis then surprises Tim by throwing an old, unplugged hair dryer into the tub. He then jumps in the hot tub with him, letting him know that, not only is he alive, but if Tim ever tells anyone, Curtis will simply tell them Tim tried to kill him first. A week later Curtis hears a gunshot from Tim's house and figures Tim killed himself, but he continues to work. He then tells his maid he is thinking of getting a new dog.

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